Art Pride Africa Stone Collection

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Art Pride Africa Stone Collection

Stone Sculpture Faces Hope48 designs, 11 artists, six ranges and each one completely unique- Pangea is proud to present ArtPrideAfrica’s new stone sculpture range. The stone range is exclusively made in Zimbabwe, which means ‘a great house of stone’ in the local Shona language, making Zimbabwe the perfect place to discover artists to collaborate with Pangea on this new adventure.

The Serpentine stone used in Zimbabwean sculptures is sourced locally from raw-stone mines in the Great Dyke, a geological formation stretching across the country that is rich with natural stones and minerals. The stone is hard and dense due to exposure to intense heat and pressure over hundreds of millions of years, making them ideal for sculpting.

Once the stone is sourced great skill and artistic talent is used to create the elaborate and unique design, allowing the sculpture to take form. Intricate carving and excellent attention to detail bring great depth and intrigue to the stone sculptures. The elegant swirls of grey Serpentine in the Curls sculpture create an abundance of luscious locks that attract admiring glances. In the Thinker range, great time and care has been taken to create the smooth curves of the body and hand carve the detailed and pensive faces with small rasps and chisels.

There are six ranges within the stone collection- Abstract, Animals, Faces, Family and Thinker. Just as with the metal sculpture range, there is a stone sculpture perfect for everyone and every interior. Some sculptures represent love, family and friendship whilst others are more abstract and invite you make your own interpretations, including the Straight Lines sculpture. There are high impact pieces such as the Protector which demand instant attention from admirers, but also small and thoughtful pieces which can be incorporated into any décor such as the Stork and Chick sculptures from the Animal range.

Natural weathering processes mean the serpentine stone is found in hues of black, brown, green, red and yellow. Sculptures may be created using one solid colour of stone (including the Curves sculpture) creating a bold artform. Whilst others boast markings of several colours like the Faces Grace sculpture which includes colours of green opal, white and brown in its design.

Ranging from a tiny 7cm to a staggering 1.8 metres tall, presenting hues to suit any décor and with over 40 designs to choose from, a stone sculpture from the heart of Africa can easily find a place in the heart of your home or office.

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