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African Animals Wildebeest

Animal Sculptures: What Do They Bring to A Home and Garden?

Our African animal sculptures are more than just pretty pieces of sculpture; each one brings its own spirit and character into the space. African sculptures relies and pulls from a great deal of symbolism and spirituality, and with no subject is this more true than when animals are depicted. You […]

Contemporary African Artist

4 Amazing Contemporary African Artists You Should Know About

The term ‘African Art’ is quite a broad one, as it encompasses work over a plethora of styles reaching from hundreds, even thousands of years ago right up to the modern day. The continent’s art scene is intricate and varied, yet when you say ‘African art’ or ‘African sculpture’ many […]

Corporate Art Sculpture

Fun in the Office and Corporate Gift Ideas

When it comes to corporate art and office decoration, you can really transform your workplace with some striking pieces that provide a bit of variation from standard wall paintings and greenery. Pangea’s metal animal sculptures are for any and every office environment, with animal statues also making exceptional corporate gift […]

Corporate gift ideas

Amazing Corporate Christmas Gifts

Christmas is, as we know, a time where gift of giving is rife. But what a stress it can be. What to get? Is it too generous? Is it not generous enough? These thoughts can run through our heads when it comes to friends and family, but these perimeters can […]

African Art Sculpture

African Art Sculptures

African art sculptures Art forms such as paintings, sculptures, statues and more are used to decorate homes all over the world, but a new wave of creative design has taken hold in the African art sculptures has been introduced to the UK by Pangea Sculptures. Different from the average works […]