African Art Sculptures

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African Art Sculptures

Art African workshopArt forms such as paintings, sculptures, statues and more are used to decorate homes all over the world, but a new wave of creative design has taken hold in the African art sculptures by Pangea.
Different from the average works of African artists, this distinctive collection is made up of African animals captured in metal, sculpture form. Pieces of recycled metal materials are shaped and welded to create extremely lifelike animals in a range of sizes.

Traditional African art might bring to mind colourful masks, small wooden and stone carved statues of faces and human bodies. However, Moses and his team of talented craftsmen have invented a new and truly amazing style of art in these handmade, life-size African art sculptures.

From giant hippos with whiskers and plump bodies to elephants with large, flapping ears, each one of Africa’s famous species is preserved in a skilled, metal masterpiece for use in your home or garden. Other big animals include the giraffe, lion, buffalo and horse sculpture, whilst there are also eagles and flamingos, gorillas and baboons, wildebeests and warthogs and much, much more.

With these real-life creatures literally on the doorstep of the workshop located in Nairobi, Africa, Moses begins by sketching the animals in preparation for building the sculpture. He then creates an initial, wire framework which he builds upon using the metal materials. The end result – an entirely bespoke piece that encapsulates the best of African art fit for any home in any part of the globe.

Whether your home is nestled in the cold and snowy winters of New York City or the sunny summers of a Mediterranean island, there’s a sculpture to complement your living space in the Pangea collection.

Dignified stags with tall antlers are great for cold, country homes whilst cool crocodiles look endearing posed next to an LA swimming pool. There really is so much you can do with these African art sculptures to welcome the heart of Africa into the heart of your home, garden or even an office.

They’re also excellent gift ideas for friends, families and loved ones, promising something they won’t expect or perhaps something they have never seen before! Whether it’s those extra special birthday gift ideas you’re looking for or a spectacular Christmas gift, African art sculptures serve as a thoughtful present for animal lovers and art enthusiasts everywhere!

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