Animal Sculptures: What Do They Bring to A Home and Garden?


Animal Sculptures: What Do They Bring to A Home and Garden?

Our African animal sculptures are more than just pretty pieces of sculpture; each one brings its own spirit and character into the space. African sculptures relies and pulls from a great deal of symbolism and spirituality, and with no subject is this more true than when animals are depicted. You will find that each of our African sculptures brings a very different vibe, so it is worth considering this when searching for your perfect piece of African art.

  1. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Animal Sculpture The chimpanzee is often used to symbolise mischievousness and curiosity. If you have ever had the pleasure of observing a chimpanzee, you will know that they are humorous, social creatures. African artists also like to use monkeys as a way to convey friendship and comedy. Our chimpanzees are also, of course, quite human. Many of our clients love to have these animal sculptures in their midst for their humanity, and for their lack of imposition in spite of their impressive and majestic form.







  1. Running Horse

African Animals Running HorseThe horse is a real representation of explosive power. Our running horse sculptures bring a really impactful dynamism to the space. This type of sculpture is in direct atmospheric contrast to something like our gorilla, which sits silently, yet with presence, in a space. Our horse, however, will not fade into the background, or be comfortable in its presence. It strives to make impact, and does so very impressively indeed. Many are drawn to the sculptures energy and powerful muscularity.







  1. Elephant Head

African Elephant Head artThe elephant is arguably the most used and most popular animal used in African art, African sculpture and African jewellery. The elephant, according to the culture of the continent, symbolizes good luck and represents wisdom, maternal strength and longevity. This particular piece African wall art brings an air of protection and comfort with it. Although the elephant is in fact a very powerful and dangerous beast, there is something about its majestic façade which makes us all feel at ease and in awe.







  1. Eagle

African Eagle SculptureOur eagle sculptures depict these magnificent birds in mid-flight. Not only does this do justice to their majesty, but this dynamic portrayal injects energy and drama into a room, in a way that the larger, less chaotic animals we commit to sculpture do not. From a spiritual standpoint, the eagle is considered to be mans connection to the divine, bringing earth and heaven together as it flies higher than any other bird. Because of this it brings a flavour of power and the divine into a room.







  1. Owl

African Owl AnimalsThe owl is one of the quirkier creatures in our collection. If you are looking to season your space with a little eccentricity, then the owl is just what you need. They can perch on any surface, so work well as a surprise curiosity for any who might stumble upon them at your event or in your home, which is appropriate given their curious and watchful appearance.

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