Animals in Africa

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Animals in Africa

There is a wide variety of animals in Africa due to the sheer size of the continent and the different habitats to be found there including rocky mountains, the Savannah grasslands, plains, vast deserts and freshwater lakes. Pangea Sculptures are able to bring some of the best known African animals to life through their detailed handmade sculptures and allow you to have a striking feature as reminder of a fabulous safari, as a focal point in your garden, or just as the perfect finishing touch to your home.

The animals are designed and created by a skilled team of craftsmen in Nairobi, and range from delightful frog sculptures to magnificent elephants, giraffes and rhinos, to name just a few. Each animal is handmade and then shipped to the UK to be lacquered and hand finished to create the desired effect, whether that is a highly polished chrome, an aged patina, a warm bronze or a rustic finish. The elephant sculptures are available in different poses and are really magnificent as they are represented at life size, with detailed features, tusks and ears, and can be complimented by the miniature elephants which stand at approximately 60cm high. The giraffe sculptures range from approximately 1.8m to 4.3m tall (each animal is individually handmade so there will be slight variations), and offer a glimpse of the Serengeti where these beautiful creatures stride freely in the wild. Giraffe sculptures are also available at approximately 70cm high, enabling you to create a beautiful family group in any setting.

Imagine the impact of a large Nile crocodile in your garden scheme, particularly where you might have a water feature or complementary planting. This particular piece shows impeccable attention to detail making it fearsome looking and incredibly lifelike. The armoured metal scales and realistic teeth, combined with a length of almost three metres, really convey the power of this predatory creature.

Pangea prides itself on the detail that the artisans are able to put in to every animal sculpture, whether it is the thoughtful expressions on the faces of the gorillas, the bristles on the muzzle of the hippopotamus or the sleek body shape of the cheetah. We create a range of sculptures of African animals which are available for purchase through our website and can be seen at large home and arts exhibitions and selected locations in the UK, as well as at our new showroom and gallery in Ormskirk.

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