Fun in the Office and Corporate Gift Ideas

IG Giraffe

Fun in the Office and Corporate Gift Ideas

When it comes to corporate art and office decoration, you can really transform your workplace with some striking pieces that provide a bit of variation from standard wall paintings and greenery. Pangea’s metal animal sculptures are for any and every office environment, with animal statues also making exceptional corporate gift ideas.

Corporate art and office decor doesn’t have to be plain and boring anymore. Boost the moral of teams by introducing an unconventional member to your work family… How about a buffalo, horse or even a warthog sculpture?! Coming in three different sizes, the warthog is a fun, flexible and comical sculpture to bring positivity to any corporate situation. Our monkey family including the gorilla sculpture and baboon sculpture are also another option for those businesses wanting to give clients a very warm welcome into their company. With giggly expressions, plump tummies and curly tails, our monkey range is life-like and relatable, able to be placed inside climbing up furniture, sat in the corner of a boardroom or outside in a staff courtyard. Reflect your firm’s key values in a sculpture of your choice from our diverse and bespoke collection. Inspired corporate art choices include pieces that fit tall, space features with the office, such as the elegant giraffe sculpture which can resemble businesses aiming for new heights and the smaller sizes can be positioned comfortably on shelves, plinths and desks whilst the larger members suit tall atriums or outside spaces.

The strong rhinoceros fits perfectly into places like gyms which place prominence on the power of the body. Imagine the look on your customers’ faces when a life-size rhino greets them at the entrance to their morning workout! Horses have a real majestic feel about them and would look great in a large staff room or reception area of a company wanting to show off their stately size and scale.

Perhaps your business is a restaurant and requires attractive talking pieces?

Our sculptures are ideal for restaurant decor across a number of cuisines. Naturally, African inspired restaurants would benefit most from the artisan range originating from the heart of Nairobi. The African elephant, wildebeest or zebra are all fantastic embodiments of the African continent, bringing raw culture into any cafe or diner. Pubs featuring lions, stags heads or other animal names will have a variety of choice to entertain guests as they eat whilst representing business identity in beautiful sculpture form. There’s also a whole host of other animals such as cobras, hippos and frogs that can be incorporated into casual eateries and fine dining locations for the ultimate restaurant decor.

Corporate art as a gift to a colleague

Once you have perfected your office decoration you can also consider Pangea Sculptures for corporate gift ideas. When you want to impress fellow colleagues or mark a relationship with a new partner, baby crocodiles, small owls and lion cubs are all thoughtful choices. The sheer detail across each and every inch of the sculptures is so inspiring from scaly skin to pointed beaks and padded paws. Made entirely by hand, no two animal statues are ever the same giving you a completely individual gift that you can look forward to giving to co-workers and associates of the workplace. We found this article to have an interesting background of why art sculpture and sculpture in the office has such a positive effect on your workforce #ArtAtWork

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