How To Utilise African Art In Your Home


How To Utilise African Art In Your Home

Buying art and sculpture for the home can be a tricky business. Often people will buy a piece of art on a whim, because they take a personal fancy to it, but have no earthly idea where to place it in their home. Similarly, a person may be longing for some interesting art for their living space, but have no clue where to start. No problem. Finding a place for African art and African sculpture in the home is no big deal if you consider a few simple things about the decoration and ideas present in your home. We hope that the following starting points to help place art sculptures for your home will send you in the direction of the perfect piece of art.


  1. Focal Points

Focal point for home artFirst of all, do you want your sculpture or wall art to have impact? You may want a simple curiosity; a piece of art that is a pleasure for all those who stumble upon it. On the other hand, you may have a big blank wall in your dining room that is crying out for an eye catching and impactful piece of wall art. If you wish your chose piece to be a focal point then you must ensure that it fits in the desired space perfectly and compliments the palette and composition of the room.







  1. Accenting

Home Art Lounge ElephantSometimes a little extra is all that is needed to finish a room, a reading corner, a well put together kitchen, even a shelf. You may have spent hours, even days, outing together a well curated section of your home, only to find that it isn’t quite there yet. often, a little art; a small sculpture or picture, is the flourish that is needed to really give the space personality.








  1. Height and Texture

Accentuating garden features animal bird sculptureThe modern aesthetic tends to favour clean lines and uncultured colour schemes. This is all well and good, but it can leave a space feeling a little clinical and unhomely. Sculpture and wall art is a great way to break up long lines and wide spaces of single colour. Also, in a space with low ceilings, or in smaller rooms, a well-chosen piece of art can help to really give a space a sense of height or dimension as sculpture often plays with perspective and draws the peripheral eye.








  1. Inspiration for the Wider Space

Home Garden MonkeyIf you are struggling to work out how to decorate a room, then using a sculpture you love as inspiration can be very helpful and, indeed, inspiring. A sculpture will often offer a colour palette, a range of textures and an atmosphere that can be expanded throughout a room, house or even garden.








  1. Character and Story

Sculptures, animal sculptures in particular, add personality to a space. They create a life in a way that no other inanimate object can do. When I was a child, I created whole worlds around the small statue of a tortoise in my grandmothers garden. Sculpture is truly inspiring for all ages, creating ideas and dimensions that their absence cannot.








If that’s not enough inspiration take a look at other range of our home decor and garden decor and art inspiration.


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