Introducing Pangea Sculptures

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Introducing Pangea Sculptures

Most of us have seen the wonderful spaces created by architects on Grand Designs, Amazing Spaces or the buildings shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling prize, but if your finances cannot stretch to your dream home or new build you can still have a really striking feature in your home or garden with the help of Pangea.

Pangea Sculptures is the brainchild of Ian Unsworth, a businessman and entrepreneur who set up the sculpture business after a trip to Nairobi in 2014 where he met with local craftsman, Moses, who now heads up the design and manufacture of these unique animal sculptures by the Ark Collective. “I first saw the giraffe sculpture and I just had to have it” comments Ian “but after chatting with Moses and getting to know about the whole process of how he creates the sculptures by recycling metal, I knew that the animal sculptures I bought were not just going to be one off purchases for me; it had the potential to be so much more”.

Ian is enthusiastic about the sculptures, but even more enthusiastic in his support of the community that makes them. Since becoming involved with Pangea, the young African artists who make the pieces have been able to use better equipment more safely thanks to the changes and investment that Ian has made. The workshop is due to be moved into a new building just a few metres away from its current site so that the artists have a better working environment and more space to create their magnificent sculptures. “The animals themselves are striking at first glance, but as you study them more closely you can see the terrific level of detail that is in every one and you start to realise the hours of work that go in to making each unique piece. The muscle tone of the creatures, the texture of their skin or hide, even their eyelashes are all beautifully created to make them as realistic as possible; the artists’ skill gives great character to the pieces and really conveys the animals’ personality.”
The animals are hand sculpted in Africa, hand finished in the UK and are on display at our new showroom in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

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