Large Metal Elephant Sculpture

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Large Metal Elephant Sculpture

The large metal elephant sculpture is the pinnacle of the collection at Pangea Sculptures. The African elephant is beautifully realised at life size, both the male and female, and is impressive in every detail.
The large elephant will be a focal point at the redesigned Pangea showroom, standing on a specially constructed rotating turntable at the main entrance and making an extremely striking feature. The sculptures are representations of the African elephant and are characterized by their flexible trunks, curved tusks and massive ears. The large metal elephant sculptures stand at approximately 2.5m high, although the height may vary slightly between the individual pieces as they are all hand made by a team of artisans in Africa. The large metal elephant sculptures start life as a detailed sketched design and are then meticulously constructed by hand from recycled sheet metal. Every detail of the sculpture is true to life and the craftsmen take great care to show the personality of these gracious creatures with the gentle tilt of their head and their proud bearing. A full size male elephant is a formidable sight, and these sculptures are no less impressive.
The metal pieces are selected by hand, cut to shape and welded to an internal structure to give the pieces strength and stability, crucial in a sculpture of this size. The artists’ work hard to create authentic poses, producing finished animal sculptures with expression and personality and bringing them to life. The large sculptures dominate the showroom and the elephants are especially popular as people identify with their compassionate nature and reputation for compassion for others of their species. The hundreds of hours that go into the construction of each sculpture is what gives the animals such presence and personality and to see the different creatures grouped together is akin to going on a metal safari with the added bonus of getting much closer and being able to have your favourite animal in your home or workplace.

Pangea’s elephants are created in five different sizes, making them one of the most easy to place sculptures. The baby elephants are no less detailed than their life sized counterparts and have a playful air about them that is very appealing. Each of the sculptures seems to have its own temperament and it is easy to imagine the dynamic between the family members. The elephants look amazing in the natural finish, but can be enhanced by a specialised powder coating process to transform them in to a brilliant chrome or a muted bronze finish; both gorgeous.
We are pleased to offer the exact sculpture that is chosen in the showroom or send photographs of the pieces to prospective clients as each sculpture that is produced is unique. The curve of the elephants trunk, the tilt of its head and the position that it stands in make it an individual with a particular appeal, it is not just a piece of art it is a feature, a talking point, even a new member of the family waiting for a name.

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