Make your home or garden ‘roar’ this autumn with the Lion Statue


Make your home or garden ‘roar’ this autumn with the Lion Statue

One fifth of Pangea’s ‘Big 5’ and the established king of the jungle, our lion statue is the ultimate home or garden accessory this autumn.
Let us talk you through this magnificent piece of artwork from head to toe, starting with the extravagant and abundant mane. Masses of long and thin twines of metal have been curled and bent with care to create the appearance of an overflowing mane on an adult male lion. Perfectly hugging his cute but fearsome face, structured whiskers on his snout and large, telling eyes are the next features you will notice on this spectacular metal lion sculpture.
Lion Sculptures
Closed mouths with humble expressions or open jaws boasting a display of fangs are both available options, giving you flexibility to select a style suiting your personal preferences and character. Whichever you choose, the quality of craftsmanship is visible in the delicately welded metal pieces.

Moving across and down, the strong torso and slender body are designed to showcase the strength and majesty of this famed African creature which has appeared in hot films and TV shows as a heroic and captivating species. Toned legs lead down to sturdy paw pads that are true to life whilst also perfectly assisting the lion sculpture in balance and stature to ensure secure placement in any setting.

A long and wide tail completes the piece, drooping downward until an optimistic point of crafted metal that stands upright to attention. You can envision the sculpture gliding across your back garden grass as if hunting prey in the savanna using this swaying tail for maximum agility.

The lion sculpture exudes luxury, with a regal and grand twist. Positioned as the centre-piece in a large, open-plan living space or hallway will give it the spotlight it deserves, best appreciated when viewed from every angle. It also looks great outdoors on a raised decking area as if surveying the jungle where it lives, or outside your home to let guests know that they are arriving at an extremely noble and stately home.

Two lion sculptures look particularly good when organised either side of a gate, walkway or arch. Easily maintained with a high-quality lacquer, the lions show their bravery and versatility during the autumn and winter months by keeping their glossy shine and naturally inspired colour. Let your house be transformed into a royal palace with a couple of lions formally guarding your doorway, and with roaring facial features deterring any unwanted predators!

Take ‘pride’ in your home and buy a lion sculpture today, but act quickly as a limited quantity are available.

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