Pangea International heads to Ibiza! 


Pangea International heads to Ibiza! 

Ibiza Pangea SculpturesIn true Pangea fashion, we like to show off our sculptures all over the globe. You might have visited us in our Ormskirk showroom or down at Port Adriano in Majorca, but now, Pangea International has added another destination to the list – Ibiza!
That’s right – our sculptures are joining the party and heading off to the beautiful Balearic of Ibiza until the end of summer 2018. If you’re planning a trip over to this Mediterranean paradise or are lucky enough to live there, you can come and view our outstanding collection at Marina Santa Eulalia, a stunning port just 14km from Ibiza town.
Famous for its bold display of boats and super yachts sailing upon the crystal clear waters of the South coast, the harbour also boasts a number of chic shops, bars and restaurants so that you can relax and unwind whilst taking in the breathtaking detail on our Pangea sculptures. Standing out against the miraculous surroundings, you’ll be faced with a tough choice. Do you buy the rhino for the garden or the buffalo for the hallway?
Lion SculptureFearsome lions with curled manes, gentle giraffes with delicate eyelashes and charming gorillas with expressive hands – these are just some of the other animals captured in metal form by our dedicated and skilled team of artists in Nairobi.
Their rare and skilful craft which originated in a small, undiscovered part of the city has been given a global platform and is now being showcased in yet another world-renowned location. Just a few miles off the coast of Majorca where a sister exhibition has ran successfully for the last two consecutive summers, Pangea Sculptures in Ibiza will capture the hearts of an even broader audience, with those from Europe, the Middle East and even the USA all regular visitors of the island.
Wherever you are in the world, Pangea work alongside an experienced shipping company specialising in the long-haul transportation of goods to deliver your sculptures quickly and safely to your chosen situation. Getting an 8ft Elephant weighing 200kgs over to Hawaii may seem like an impossible task, but it’s easy and simple with Pangea Sculptures.
Pangea are so excited to see its international presence grow, uniting people from anywhere and everywhere with a truly distinctive, bespoke and enjoyable product. Watch out world – the sculptures are coming!
Where to find us:
Marina Santa Eulalia
Edifico Capitania
s/n 07840
Santa Eulalia
Enquiries/sales via Mallorca office:
Address: Calle Aguilla 1. Local 8. Son Ferrer 07181 Mallorca
Tel: 682 044 325

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