Corporate gift ideas

Amazing Corporate Christmas Gifts

Christmas is, as we know, a time where gift of giving is rife. But what a stress it can be. What to get? Is it too generous? Is it not generous enough? These thoughts can run through our heads when it comes to friends and family, but these perimeters can be even more tricky to navigate when we are gifting in a workplace setting. Yes indeed, corporate Christmas gifts are important to get right.

A few bottles of booze, a box of chocolates and pun laden mug might be just the thing for a Secret Santa. However, when exchanging corporate Christmas gifts of true meaning, that speak of your personal relationship with the recipient and show gratitude for the business you do together, these do not quote cut the proverbial mustard.

The trick of buying the perfect corporate gift is to buy something quality, personal and lasting. It must be classy, well made and remind the person or company that you are gifting towards of your strong and positive friendship. Avoid the tat, and home in on something a little more special that will last for years to come.


  1. Sculptures

Sculpture is a brilliant gift, weather it is a little piece of magic to sit on somebody’s desk, or a majestic life-sized piece of 3D art intended to make a real statement. Sculptures provide a focal point for any room, it cannot be ignored, so will serve as a constant reminder of your generosity and offer of gratitude. Also, if you manage to pick the perfect piece; a piece that is in keeping with the recipient’s style and company ethos, you will have shown that you really value and pay attention to their tastes and preferences.






  1. Plants

Christmas Gifts and indoor plantsPlant life, like sculptures, have the power to change the atmosphere of a room. A plant in the workplace has a number of positive impacts and when paired with a sculpture can really bring atmosphere to a room. First of all, on a productivity and creativity level, it literally brings more oxygen into the space; our brain’s favourite fuel. Therefore, this helps to sustain energy and brain power. It also brings life into the office. If your recipient works in a place that doesn’t have much light or contact with the outdoors, then a plant is the perfect thing to help bring the place alive. Lastly, plants require a tiny bit of care, which will encourage the person to engage with your gift a few times a day, and hopefully, as a result, remember who gifted it.





  1. Wall Art

If you have an eye for art and know exactly what kind of piece would look amazing on that gap on the wall in your business friend’s workplace, then this is a great option. Pops of colour in a space help to keep the brain alive and firing, and also serve as great conversation starters.







  1. Hampers

Yes, this is not as long a lasting gift, but it is a perfect offer if you wish to thank a larger group of people. A high-end hamper sends a much stronger message of thanks than a tin of chocolate. These are plentiful, look exciting, and are an easy way to ensure that everyone you wish to reach gets a little slice of your gratitude.


  1. Homeware

The homeware market is booming at the moment, so the options are numerous. If you are aware of your recipient’s style and likes then a little homeware is the perfect way to show them that you have been paying attention to them. Also, as with many of these gifts, pick the right piece, and it will be something to remind them of your relationship every day.


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