African Metal Sculptures

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African Metal Sculptures

Pangea Sculptures is really making its mark in the world of design with a range of African metal sculptures which are hand made in Kenya and then shipped to the UK.

Each sculpture is painstakingly created using recycled sheet metal and other metal elements to produce these fantastic animals. A team of skilled craftsmen design each individual piece and work on them for hundreds of hours to bring a realism that is hard to match. Each sculpture is based on an African animal and starts life as a sketched design which is gradually built up with different pieces being welded together to complete the finished piece.

PAngea african artisanIan Unsworth, the owner of the company, first saw the African metal sculptures being sold at the side of the road in Kenya and over the last couple of years has built up a business and changed the future of the people in the village where the pieces are made. The head sculptor, Moses, buys the metal which has been discarded from the car industry and skilfully recycles the pieces in to these stunning sculptures. He has grown his team of artisans, training and nurturing each one, and now has a dedicated collective of craftsmen who work on individual sculptures from start to finish, bringing them to life. The process means that no two animals will be exactly alike, making each sculpture unique, and the construction techniques can be clearly seen on each piece.

The African metal sculptures represent a wide range of creatures, familiar to Moses and his team, and include the so called Big Five of lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. Pangea also offer giraffes, warthogs, crocodiles, hippos, gorillas and a selection of other birds and animals; so there is something for everyone, right down to a band of musical frogs!
Hand finished sculptures
The sculptures are all expertly hand finished in the UK to ensure the integrity of each item and a protective lacquer is applied which makes the sculptures suitable for use outside as well as indoors. The appeal of the sculptures is in their meticulous attention to detail, their use of recycled materials and the fantastic character that each one displays. The artists use their talents superbly, particularly in the life size pieces which make a really striking statement and show the animals to great effect. The sculptures can be seen at exhibitions across the UK where a life size elephant or giraffe always attracts a lot of attention from visitors, especially when it is a sculpture that has had a specialist chrome finish applied to reflect more light in the indoor setting. The sculptures are all completed to a natural finish which adds to the charm of the individual pieces, but the optional chrome or bronze coating adds a touch of luxury to these special objects.

Pangea’s African metal sculptures can bring a touch of this amazing continent in to your home or garden setting while also giving their creators a sustainable future, job opportunities and the chance to share their skills and creativity with a wider audience.

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