Big Cats at Pangea Sculptures

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Big Cats at Pangea Sculptures

A magnificent lion stands in the Pangea showroom, full of personality and character. Its proud bearing is completely authentic and the details of its paws and mane are skilfully realised by the craftsmen who make these unique pieces in Africa.

Since 2014 Pangea Sculptures have brought African animal sculptures to the UK, including the lion and cheetah. Both these big cats are striking to look at and would make a wonderful feature in a home or garden setting. Each sculpture is created entirely from recycled metals with hundreds of hours going in to the creation of each unique piece.

The lion sculpture is carefully detailed with hundreds of individual strips of metal making up the mane alone and it truly is a work of art. The magnificent male lion is a popular sculpture as people are drawn to its calm expression and they associate it with famous lions in film, TV shows, animations and children’s fiction. Pangea hope to add some cute lion cub sculptures to their range of cats very soon; the ideal pieces for those who may have limited space or want a smaller sculpture that they can have in their home as opposed to a large outdoor piece.

The cheetah sculpture is another of Pangea’s big cats, a realistic representation of the world’s fastest land animal. This sculpture has a streamlined look and its sleek pose, low stance and long tail make it instantly recognisable. The cheetah sculpture is life sized and in an authentic pose, surveying the surroundings. The level of detail is exceptional with the animals face showing the distinctive ‘tear marks’. These dark markings on the cheetahs face help to reflect the glare of the sunlight and also work like sights to enable the animal to focus clearly on its prey during the chase.

It is this attention to detail that makes the Pangea sculptures so desirable and the workmanship that goes in to every piece has to be seen to be really appreciated. All of our sculptures are entirely handmade and some are limited editions; the cheetah sculpture is a recent arrival at our showroom and we expect to add a tiger sculpture to the big cat range in the near future. The tiger sculpture will also be a stunning life size piece and will be on display at the showroom as soon as it arrives in the UK.

Big cat sculptures look magnificent indoors or outside, adding a bold statement to interiors and a striking focal point to any garden scheme. The sculptures are hand finished with a lacquer coating to protect them from the weather, making them suitable for use in outdoor locations.

The team of artisan sculptors at the Ark Collective in Africa produce all of the animals by hand, cutting out individual panels of metal that are welded together to form the body of each design. Due to the nature of the process no two animals will be exactly alike and each sculptor has their own favourite animal which they may work on in a variety of different poses.
Visit our newly extended showroom to view the sculptures in person, or contact one of our friendly team to find out more about these fascinating pieces.

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