Garden Animal Statues

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Garden Animal Statues

Frozen elephant winter garden sculpture

The winter nights have closed in, but it’s time to start thinking about how you can prep your outside space with garden animal statues in preparation for next spring.

Garden animal statues bring excitement and joy to any outdoor space. You’ve probably seen birds carved out of wood or perhaps a deer made out of wicker, but have you ever seen an 8 foot high African elephant sculpted from recycled metal? Didn’t think so! The Pangea collection has a wide range of creatures to suit any setting so there’s more where that came from…

The flamingo is one of our newest garden animal statues. It’s elegant and refined with poised posture and plump feathers. It’s also perfect for placing beside a pond as if preening itself in the water. These usually bright pink animals are captured beautifully in a recycled metal framework suitable for outdoor use all year long, and painting them their natural colouring is also an option for indoor display.

Another of our garden animal statues worth placing in your home is the baby rhino sculpture. A miniature edition of the well known rhinoceros giant from Africa, a pointed horn and carefully shaped ears are mounted upon four short but sturdy legs, a simply gorgeous addition to a patio in your back garden. You can even have two sat beside each other to form a miniature herd either side of plant pots, water fountains or deck chairs!

If you are lucky enough to have a large decking area in your garden, then the zebra sculpture is one of the most striking garden animal statues that we could recommend. From a mane welded using tiny individual pieces of scrap metal, to amazingly smooth hooves, this sculpture is a nice size for a decking without being too imposing. It makes for a really funky addition that your neighbours will definitely be jealous of.

For some people, less is more, so why not adopt one of the baby crocodile garden animal statues or a small giraffe? The low lying croc works well sneaking out of plant borders or on the side of a swimming pool, whilst the giraffe’s elevated neck peaks out over bushes and low hedges. The diversity of animals on offer means that there is always a sculpture tailored to you and the unique features of your garden.

Read our full guide about our full range of ideas of where to place your garden animal statues.  For more information get in touch with a member of our team today on 01695 227 140. We are excited to unite you with your favourite garden sculpture!

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