Large Crocodile Animal Sculpture

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Large Crocodile Animal Sculpture

One of Pangea’s most popular products is the large crocodile animal sculpture. The magnificent Nile crocodile is beautifully crafted and is one of the most life-like sculptures in our range. Every detail is hand made from recycled metal giving a weight and presence to the sculpture which is so convincing that you can fully imagine it snapping its jaws at its prey.

Pangea offers this particular animal in a range of sizes and the large crocodile is a fantastic piece to examine in order to appreciate the work that goes in to every single sculpture. All of the materials are selected by hand and welded on to an armature to create the finished piece, which starts life as a sketched design. All of the craftsmen who produce the sculptures for Pangea are based in Africa, creating the animals that they are familiar with and the large crocodile animal sculpture will take one of the artists hundreds of hours to produce. The build of the creature is powerful and this is conveyed by the artists’ skill in posing the sculpture and showing the animal’s character, incorporating the fine details of the claws, teeth, skin texture and scales. The large crocodile sculpture is magnificent and looks at home in any garden setting, while the smaller sizes can easily be placed in the home or office.

All of the sculptures have a natural finish on completion and the colours of the recycled metal lend themselves particularly well to the crocodile sculptures. Each piece is hand finished in the UK and has a protective lacquer coating applied, giving a realistic sheen to the crocodile which adds to its appeal. Gloss finish lacquer can also be applied as an alternative, making the sculpture look as if it has just emerged from a river or lake.

Each of the large crocodile animal sculptures will be slightly different as they are all made by hand and created by several of the different artisans in Africa who will work on a particular animal from start to finish. The crocodile is comprised of hundreds of smaller pieces in addition to the large plates that make up the main body, and it is these details that create the fantastically life like end product. Each scale, claw and tooth is made by hand and individually placed so that every crocodile will have a unique smile and attitude.

The large crocodiles are created with both open and closed mouths so you can choose how fearsome you want your sculpture to look. A single crocodile emerging from the edge of a garden border would make a beautiful and unique feature, but the range of sizes make it easy to create a stunning group if you wish to do so. The smaller crocodile sculptures look fabulous when presented in the bespoke chrome finish, but there is nothing to prevent the purchaser having a chrome finish applied to a large crocodile sculpture to create an even more striking appearance and make it a magnificent accent piece for any context.

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