More from our new wall-mounted sculpture range: Stag Head Sculpture

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More from our new wall-mounted sculpture range: Stag Head Sculpture

Elephant head metal wall art sculptureJoining our elephant head sculpture is the latest addition to the wall-mounted sculpture range the stag head wall mount. If the elephant head isn’t in keeping with your rustic and country style décor, then the stag head, which also fits easily onto walls and other vertical surfaces could be the perfect fit for you and your home.

The traditional stag head is an iconic piece of artwork that has been a talking point in many homes for centuries. The stag head sculpture at Pangea retains its sense of heritage and status whilst boasting a modern twist. The sculpture made entirely out of recycled metals in Nairobi combines African culture with an animal claimed by long-established British fashion and furnishing. The metal finish only enhances the muscularity of the animal’s neck, the length and thickness of its eyelashes and the strength in its rigid yet elegant antlers.

As with all of our sculptures, the stag head would be suitable for outdoor use and requires little maintenance to preserve its quality finish. The neutral colouring of the metal resembles the woodland that stags roam in the real world, thus blending in beautifully when featured in a garden setting. The stag head appears at home amongst a wooded or decked area where its simple and rural design complements the natural environment.

For a bolder effect, place your stag head indoors where its majestic nature and class will radiate throughout your entire room. The sculpture demands attention when integrated into any colour scheme or design layout, however it particularly suits being positioned against wooden or brick styled surfaces in order to accentuate its rustic originality.

If you would like to literally liven up your interior or exterior space, the stag head sculpture is a stunning contribution to any home or business and is mounted without difficulty by a basic wall fixing. With a height of around 2’8”, length of 1’5” and protruding from the wall by approximately 1’5” when hanging up, the sculpture is also lightweight and easily manoeuvred to fit your desired location.

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