Slithering in to the showroom, the Cobra Snake Statue


Slithering in to the showroom, the Cobra Snake Statue

2 Cobra Statues at our showroomPangea is excited to introduce our first ever snake statue! Our reptile family of crocodiles has now been joined by the magnificent cobra. Despite being found in numerous tropical locations around the world, Africa is home to many species of cobra. However, a cobra found in Kenya, where our products are manufactured, is the inspiration behind the sculpture currently standing proud and upright in our showroom in the UK.
Reaching lengths of up to 2 metres, this species of cobra is one of the largest and most feared across Africa. Deadly glands behind its eyes contain neurotoxic venom which is released out through its huge fangs, eventually causing a collapse of the nervous system and ultimately, death! Although sometimes these curious creatures do find themselves exploring human settlements, consider yourself lucky that their preferred prey is toads, birds, eggs, lizards, and even other snakes.
Cobra snake in sandy ground
The snake statues capture the snake’s defence mechanism: stood upright with an impressive spread hood to warn off predators. We have a soft-spot for this one though, as he has a sneakily content expression that tells us he’s looking for a lovely new home. At 2”11’ high, 2”4’ across with a depth of 2”9’, the sculpture is an ideal and versatile size to integrate into your home or garden. If you would like something unusual but fun, the cobra sculpture brings the element of surprise to wherever it is placed. It would look particularly quirky utilised as a welcoming gesture in a front garden or hallway, or perhaps outside amongst trees and plants.
Incorporating a number of small fragments of metal which are carefully pieced together to create an authentic scaly snake skin, the amount of effort and detail that has gone into the working of such a striking sculpture is obvious. The level of skill possessed by its artists out in Kenya can be recognised in every tiny detail. Reminiscent of its African heritage, as can be seen in this article from Reuters, describing the World’s largest cobra ever found. Found in Nairobi, Kenya, we have perfectly recreated this king of the reptile jungle. Review some of the his reptile statue cousins here.

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