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Totally Roarsome! The Lion Sculpture

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Totally Roarsome! The Lion Sculpture

Out in the wild, the lion is known as the King of the jungle. Here at Pangea, the lion sculpture is the King of our showroom! Standing at approximately 4’6’’ high, this sculpture is crafted to reflect the real-life size and stature of this wonderfully wild animal whilst showing off some of its more intricate features.
Individual pieces of metal have been skilfully welded together to create the sturdy body, legs and paws of the lion sculpture. It is this element of muscularity that helps a real lion to run up to speeds of 81kmph when chasing prey or fending off predators. The metals are also cleverly positioned to portray the beauty and poise in the lion’s face and expression. Its wholesome eyes and signature snout make for an attractive and inviting countenance; however you wouldn’t want to get too close to one of these appealing creatures whilst exposed in the African savannah.
Dangerously fierce, dominant and territorial, lions will fight anything or anyone who poses a threat to them or their pride. Our sculpture is imaged on a male lion, whose roar can be heard up to 8km away! The males tend to be respected leaders within prides and are noticeable by their larger builds and huge, flowing manes. Our sculptors in Africa have taken the time to shape and curl hundreds of separate strips of metal and weld them around the head of the sculpture one by one, thus creating the illusion of a luxuriant and thick lion’s mane that really makes this sculpture special.
Some of our more confident lions have their mouths open as if roaring loudly, whilst some prefer to keep their own counsel with their mouths shut. A few of the pride are turning their heads in search of a mate, whilst others stare straight on at their quivering prey. All in all, we have a number of sculptures that embody the multiple stances and personalities of this famous African animal. Whether you are looking for a symbol of the heart of Africa, an embodiment of pride and courage or just simply something eye-catching to bring your home or garden to life, the lion sculpture is a striking piece of artwork that is sure to inspire and impress.

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