Wally, the Buffalo Sculpture


Wally, the Buffalo Sculpture

Life sized Buffalo SculptureThe buffalo sculpture is one of many animals featured in our life-size range and Wally is a particularly handsome African ox currently in our showroom awaiting a new home.
Buffalos are powerful and imposing creatures that graze the savannas of Africa. Females tend to congregate in herds as a method of protection against predators. The bonds they share are loyal and loving, with groups containing up to 1,000 females at a time. When one of the herd is threatened, the females charge and have both the dominance and confidence to drive away a pride of lions.
Meanwhile, their male counterparts prefer to live alone or stick with buffalos of the same sex, spending their days wandering, eating, playing and sparring with other bulls. Males are recognised by their characteristic horns which are fused at the base and curved upwards towards the edges. As well as making play-fighting fun and interesting, these horns act like a shield that protects the head of the male buffalo. They are so robust that even a bullet could not pass through one easily.
Water Buffalo Image
Our artists in Nairobi have taken all of these traits into consideration when creating Wally the buffalo. His outstanding horns demand attention from all angles as the metal has been skillfully welded to achieve the signature, curved shape. His expression is serious yet humble, with beautifully, big eyes decorated with thick eyelashes, and his ears are droopy with small nails poking out to produce the appearance of hairs. The same technique is used down the spine of the sculpture to represent the buffalo’s sparse and coarse mane. Large panels of metal are joined together to imitate the well-built frame of an African bull, whilst smaller details are designed to perfection down to the folds in his neck, solid hooves and a wiry tail.
Water Buffalo Head Close Up
Wally would make a compelling garden feature placed on the grass as if grazing out in the savanna. Alternatively, he would feel at home positioned on a decking where he can watch the day go by. Lacquer protects his outer body and rings and spikes can be fitted to ensure that he stays put and doesn’t run away. If looked after well, Wally will be with you for good.
For those who have the space and prefer to incorporate a sculpture indoors, arrange Wally in a large, open-plan living area or hallway where he is sure to wow family and friends with his charming looks and substantial size.
Wherever he is placed, Wally not only brings his unique and striking character, but also the spirit of Africa into your home environment. Give him a home today and you’ll smile every time you set eyes on this magnificent work of art.

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