Bird Life at Pangea Sculptures

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Bird Life at Pangea Sculptures

In addition to the large elephants and giraffes there are beautiful examples of bird life represented in the sculptures at Pangea. Our owl sculptures have such personality and these birds are well known and loved throughout the UK. However, if you are looking for something a little more exotic, you might be interested in the African birds that are in our collection.

A beautiful ostrich graces the showroom and shows such detail that it is a ‘must see’ for visitors. The long neck and powerful legs are finely represented and the distinctive feathers are created with hundreds of individual flat ribbons of metal, curled and fashioned to create a sense of movement, as if the bird had just fluffed up its feathers. The inquisitive expression of the ostrich is lovely and its large eyes and eyelashes, short bill and downy head give it lots of character. These particular bird sculptures are available in a range of sizes from a baby ostrich at around 70cm high to an impressive adult bird sculpture at approximately 2.4m high.

The crane is an elegant bird, both standing and in flight, with slender legs and great poise. This bird has been expertly brought to life by our team of artisan sculptors in Africa, who make every sculpture by hand from recycled metal. This sculpture is particularly suited to a garden setting and calls to mind wading birds such as the heron and egret. The crane stands securely at approximately a metre high, extending its slender neck to survey its surroundings. The crane is a beautiful addition to any setting and looks particularly striking when placed as a pair, either in matching or contrasting finishes as seen here.

Our sculptures of vultures are a real talking point, huddling together as if they had just landed at the site of a good meal. The vultures are created with their wings folded and show the craftsmanship of the artists who have arranged each individual metal feather with such skill, layering them so that they touch the floor behind the bird, just as they do in real life and creating the realistic look of the bulky wings which can span up to 2.8m wide.

For a less predatory, but no less detailed bird sculpture take a look at the delightful pelican. Its large webbed feet enable it to be completely stable in any setting and it has the distinctive large beak and folded wings that make it so instantly recognisable. The pelican is beautifully made and adds a quirky detail when placed near suitable planting, a water feature or at the entrance to a room. A lovely addition to your garden or home, these would also make a charming gift for the angler in your life, as they both share a love of fishing!

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