Give A Bird A Home

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Give A Bird A Home

We all want to do our bit for wildlife and biodiversity, but where do our sculptures fit in to that? You might find that by having one of our elegant crane sculptures in your garden that the local cats might think twice about coming in to the space and giving our feathered friends a hard time. The same might be true of the pelican and owl sculptures, although the birds might think twice about landing on the back of one of the crocodiles!

Our sculptures put the ‘wild’ in to wildlife as they are all hand made in Kenya by a team of artisan craftsmen who take their inspiration from the beautiful creatures that they see all around them. Each piece is wonderfully realistic and some are created at life size which really has an impact on their setting. One of the sculptures that is stunning in its detail is the ostrich, shown above in the baby size.

If you have a garden or outside space our sculptures could be the perfect finishing touch, adding interest to a corner or building on an area of themed planting such as grasses or shrubs. If you don’t have a garden you can still enjoy the beauty of the birds, animals and reptiles  as our sculptures are equally at home indoors and bring a touch of Africa to your décor with their natural finish, or an element of glamour if you choose the chrome finish available on most of our pieces.

If you are looking for something completely unique please bear in mind that no two of our sculptures will be exactly alike due to the materials and processes involved in their production. Each sculpture starts life as a sketched design of a particular animal and then it is created from scratch using recycled steel and other metal elements which are welded together by the craftsmen to complete each piece. The sculptures are high quality in terms of their design and construction and each one is hand finished in the UK to meet our exacting standards. A protective lacquer coating is applied to protect the natural finish and we also offer a range of other treatments to change the look of the finished sculpture and transform it in to a stunning chrome, bronze or painted piece.

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