Flying High: The Eagle Sculpture

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Flying High: The Eagle Sculpture

Ostriches, pelicans, herons, owls and vultures… Our collection of bird sculptures includes a number of diverse species of birds that can be found living in Africa. However, Pangea have introduced a new addition to the family with the launch of the Eagle sculpture. There is something excitingly different about this sculpture, as it is the first that can be suspended from the ceiling!
With a wingspan of approximately 1.37m and weighing 13kg, this giant, flying predator can soar over your living or dining room with ease. A robust hook is discreetly welded onto the back of the sculpture for attachment to a strong and sturdy fixing of your choice. The overall pose of the eagle may be fixed, yet you can envisage him swiftly circling the African skies in search of food. His claws are large and sharp, ready to grab his prey as he swoops downwards, beating his impressive wings to maintain flight. There is a great view of his proud and determined expression, as well as his well-defined beak as you look upwards and walk underneath his majestic framework. His commanding gaze is perhaps best held when hung from the ceiling near to the stairs, so that the sculpture can be admired in its entirety and from all angles.
African Eagle in full flight
At 65cm high and with a 75cm depth, the eagle is a substantial size and so also looks great a little closer to land. The styling of his gigantic talons means that the sculpture would sit on a log or other garden furniture easily, appearing to grip it tightly as if he had just landed. Small hooks could also be used in between the claws to ensure that the eagle is secured and doesn’t lose balance due to its widely imposing wings. The likeness of this sculpture to the real life bird means that it really would look like an eagle had just landed on your grass or garden decking. By positioning him on the ground, you get a closer view of his intelligent, beady eyes and his intricately layered feathers which are detailed and realistic.
He possesses a unique beauty that can be noticed throughout a number of his elaborate features, all highlighting his traits of bravery, dignity and honour. Whether flying high above your sofa or landing on the back garden shed, the eagle sculpture is a surprising and striking addition to any home that is certain to turn heads and leave your guests eagle-eyed!

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