Large Garden ornaments

Bring your garden back to life with large garden ornaments this spring…

Ornamental frog band

If you’re looking to re-invigorate your garden this spring with some large garden ornaments, consider some of Pangea’s small animal sculpture range…

Whilst you start to enjoy the budding flowers and trees of spring-time you may well also start to look at repairing the damage winter has done to your garden. If your repair plans extend a little further and you really want to bring your garden back to life, why not consider some of our mid-sized sculptures, many of which make up the newest sculpture arrivals in our range of lion cubs, rhinos and hippos.

Baby Rhino large ornament

Hope springs eternal with the sound of tiny feet and our newest and cutest selection of animal sculptures are in the large ornament size range. They are lightweight and so are easily moveable (if you can’t bear to be without your baby hippo for the night!). The baby lion is also a beautifully crafted, cute sculpture that comes in two main types with tail down and tail up. As with all Pangea Sculpture’s they do have their own characteristics and are all given a name here in the showroom according to their own characteristics. The close friends of our lion cubs are the baby hippo and baby rhino sculptures. They are all a similar size at around 1 foot in height and 2 foot in length. As individuals they stand-up in their own right as beautiful pieces but together, they form something quite unique and adorable. They can of course be paired together or with any of our other ‘baby range’ of giraffes, elephants, ostriches and warthogs. These ornamental pieces add real character and complement any blooming springtime garden

Large garden ornament rhino


How do metal sculptures compare with stone and plastic ornamental garden pieces?

Large metal ornaments aren’t that usual in the garden and it does make a refreshing change to the plastic and stone gnomes, fairies and animal ornaments you would traditionally find in a garden or garden centre. Pangea’s sculptures offer much greater definition and a patina metal finish; which reacts differently to the different light of spring and will bring an added dimension and character to any featured spot in your garden.

Caring for your sculpture is also easier if the sculpture’s lacquer is maintained. Stone or plastic, may be a hardier wearing material than metal, but as with all materials, they will weather over time. Plastics and stones are much harder to retain their original finish and changes in colour can be permanent. Metal too will weather, but metal sculptures do stand up well if they are maintained (with Pangea’s lacquer) over time. Any weathering that does occur when you leave your sculpture out over the winter months, will, once treated, retain and add more definition to your sculpture, developing more character over the years. However, with our small creatures, they do look as good inside the home as they do outdoor, and so with this size of sculpture they can always be brought inside.

Large giraffe ornamental pieces

Spring is in the air and as it’s in everyone’s step too, why not have a think about how some of these baby animal sculptures would make a great alternative to the traditional garden ornament. Their versatility and your ability to move them around the garden patio, rock garden or amongst the trees and shrubs, over the course of the year, does mean you can bring a sunny spot to any part of the garden, even if you don’t have the weather!