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Chimpanzee Sculpture

By on May 9th, 2017 in Uncategorised
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picture of a metal chimpanzee sculptureChimpanzee sculptures are a new addition to the Pangea range for 2017 and join the popular gorilla, baboon and swinging monkey sculptures. Chimps are a favourite primate for lots of people because of their intelligent nature and cheeky personalities. The Pangea chimps are full of character and would make a great focal point as a group or as individual pieces. Each sculpture is hand made by our craftsmen in Africa and no two sculptures will be exactly the same as different artists in the team create them over hundreds of hours. The time that each sculpture takes to create can be seen in the detail of the pieces and the chimpanzee sculptures are extremely realistic.

The chimpanzee sculptures can be placed inside or outdoors as a protective lacquer has been applied to all of our pieces to give some protection against the UK climate. The natural finish of the sculptures is enhanced by the lacquer and we also offer a powder coating process which results in a highly polished chrome or bronze finish according to our customer’s requirements.
All of our sculptures represent African animals and are made by our team of artisans in Kenya. The artists spend a lot of time getting the details exactly right and this is what sets our sculptures apart from any others. The chimpanzees would look fantastic in a garden, particularly where there are trees, tall planting or bushes and make delightful companion pieces to our larger gorilla sculptures.

Chimpanzees are an endangered species with less than 300,000 animals thought to be living in the wild as opposed to the million that were roaming free at the beginning of the 20<sup>th</sup> century. There are conservation projects set up to try and protect the habitat of these beautiful animals and increase the viable area that they can use. Chimpanzees make long term bonds with each other, and it was discovered over fifty years ago that they also make and use tools, a fascinating scientific discovery for the time. The appeal of chimpanzees comes from their similarity to some recognisable human behaviours and characteristics; and the baby chimps are also very cute!

Chimpanzee sculptures look fantastic grouped together as each one is slightly different, making it easy to imagine that it is a real troop that have taken up residence in your garden. They are easy to locate indoors as a feature in a lounge or conservatory, and would look great against a backdrop of plants or ferns. The natural finish of the chimpanzee sculptures shows the recycled metal that has been used to make them and the lacquer will need to be reapplied after a time to maintain this finish and slow the oxidisation process if the sculpture is placed outdoors.

The chimpanzee sculpture will no doubt be a popular addition to our range, particularly with those who may be old enough to remember the TV adverts for a particular brand of tea! Visit our showroom to see these endearing pieces and plan where they could work best for you.

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