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Painted Butterfly - Pangea SculpturesPainted Butterfly - Pangea Sculptures
Painted Butterfly Sale price$13.00 Regular price$32.00
Red Rose - Pangea SculpturesRed Rose - Pangea Sculptures
Red Rose Sale price$19.00 Regular price$26.00
Blue Tit Bird House - Pangea SculpturesBlue Tit Bird House - Pangea Sculptures
Blue Tit Bird House Sale price$63.00 Regular price$82.00
Forget Me Not - Pangea SculpturesForget Me Not - Pangea Sculptures
Forget Me Not Sale price$32.00
White Rose - Pangea SculpturesWhite Rose - Pangea Sculptures
White Rose Sale price$19.00 Regular price$26.00
Robin Bird Bath - Pangea SculpturesRobin Bird Bath - Pangea Sculptures
Robin Bird Bath Sale price$63.00
Bunch Of Seven Roses - Pangea Sculptures
Bunch Of Seven Roses Sale price$101.00
Pink Rose - Pangea SculpturesPink Rose - Pangea Sculptures
Pink Rose Sale price$19.00 Regular price$26.00
Flowers in a Vase - Pangea SculpturesFlowers in a Vase - Pangea Sculptures
Flowers in a Vase Sale price$124.00
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Natural Warthog - Pangea SculpturesNatural Warthog - Pangea Sculptures
Natural Warthog Sale price$124.00
Sunflower Frame - Pangea Sculptures
Sunflower Frame Sale price$76.00
Optimus Prime - Painted - Pangea Sculptures
Optimus Prime - Painted Sale price$747.00 Regular price$995.00
Terminator - Pangea Sculptures
Terminator Sale price$747.00 Regular price$995.00
Predator - Sword - Pangea Sculptures
Predator - Sword Sale price$747.00 Regular price$995.00
Predator - Ball & Chain - Pangea Sculptures
Predator - Ball & Chain Sale price$747.00 Regular price$995.00
Iron Man - Large (Painted) - Pangea Sculptures
Iron Man - Large (Painted) Sale price$747.00 Regular price$995.00
Tractor - Pangea Sculptures
Tractor Sale price$469.00 Regular price$625.00
Iron Man - Painted - Pangea Sculptures
Iron Man - Painted Sale price$465.00 Regular price$620.00