Small Sculptures

Welcome to our collection of small sculptures, where you can discover a range of exquisite handcrafted pieces. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted with a focus on detail, making them perfect for collectors, home decor enthusiasts, or as unique gifts for loved ones. Our small sculpture collection features a wide range of designs, from abstract modern art to intricate traditional pieces.


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Any Elephant + 0.5ft Elephant FREE - Special Offer!Any Elephant + 0.5ft Elephant FREE - Special Offer!
Natural CrocodileNatural Crocodile
Natural Crocodile Sale priceFrom £99.00
Painted Toad
Painted Toad Sale price£20.00
Saxophone FrogSaxophone Frog
Saxophone Frog Sale priceFrom £69.00
Natural GiraffeNatural Giraffe
Natural Giraffe Sale priceFrom £99.00
Pangea Coffee Frog
Pangea Coffee Frog Sale price£99.00
Painted PenguinPainted Penguin
Painted Penguin Sale priceFrom £25.00
Natural ElephantNatural Elephant
Natural Elephant Sale priceFrom £35.00
Colourful GiraffeColourful Giraffe
Colourful Giraffe Sale priceFrom £60.00
Large Flying Eagle
Large Flying Eagle Sale price£495.00
Natural Curling Tail Crocodile
Standing Natural Crocodile
Standing Natural Crocodile Sale price£695.00
Hedgehog Sale price£35.00
Natural Pig
Natural Pig Sale price£45.00
Pheasant Sale price£149.00
Warthog Planter
Warthog Planter Sale price£99.00
Natural Warthog
Natural Warthog Sale price£199.00
Natural Meerkat
Natural Meerkat Sale price£55.00