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Brighten Your Workplace with Corporate Wall Art

When designing your office or wider work environment, it is important to consider functionality and atmosphere as well as pleasing aesthetics. Corporate wall art offers so much more than a way to break up a blank wall or a pop of colour, it also goes a significant way towards improving […]

Business gifts and gifting colleagues

Mark a Career Milestone for Your Colleague with The Perfect Business Gift

Support and congratulations are very important things to offer your employees and colleagues. However, if one of your colleagues has just passed a really important career milestone; a big promotion, an important deal made, a business relationship built or project completed, you might feel like just a congratulatory card won’t […]

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts That Will Be Valued for Years to Come

Corporate gifting is a brilliant way to show your colleagues and partners that they are greatly appreciated. A little something (or indeed a bigger gift if the milestone or success is really significant!) is the perfect way to show thanks, strengthen relationships and to round off a chapter of a […]

Corporate Art Sculpture

Fun in the Office and Corporate Gift Ideas

When it comes to corporate art and office decoration, you can really transform your workplace with some striking pieces that provide a bit of variation from standard wall paintings and greenery. Pangea’s metal animal sculptures are for any and every office environment, with animal statues also making exceptional corporate gift […]

Corporate gift ideas

Amazing Corporate Christmas Gifts

Christmas is, as we know, a time where gift of giving is rife. But what a stress it can be. What to get? Is it too generous? Is it not generous enough? These thoughts can run through our heads when it comes to friends and family, but these perimeters can […]

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