Corporate Gifts That Will Be Valued for Years to Come

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Corporate Gifts That Will Be Valued for Years to Come

Corporate GiftsCorporate gifting is a brilliant way to show your colleagues and partners that they are greatly appreciated. A little something (or indeed a bigger gift if the milestone or success is really significant!) is the perfect way to show thanks, strengthen relationships and to round off a chapter of a project with flare. Sculpture is something that adds to the fabric of someone’s life (we enjoyed this blog explaining a few of the reasons why…)

Having said that, finding the right corporate gift is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Finding the perfect gifting solution, that reflects your relationship to the recipient without stepping over any boundaries can sometimes be a sticky prospect to navigation. You’ll want to find something that will be treasured and cherished for many years. So, that being said, lets look at a few rules of corporate gifting, and some ideas on what to buy…

Our guide to corporate gifting:

Don’t Take A Risk. It is tempting to attempt whimsy or outside of the box thinking when gifting. This is fine for friends and family, but where business relationships are concerned it is best to gift within the parameters of what you know about the preferences of your recipient.

Send The Right Message. Corporate gifts should be intended to show gratitude for a personal relationship, not for the business that you do. So, don’t go crazy. If you send an outlandishly expensive gift, it may be misconstrued as an attempt to woo or to buy their business.

Make It Personal… But Not Too Personal. It is great to attach a personal message to a corporate gift explaining your thanks for their business, but also the origin and reason for the gift. For example; ‘I bought this elephant sculpture for you because I remembered that you cherished your time in Africa.’ Having said that, the relationship is still a business one, so try not to make your message to casual in vernacular or in focus.

Suggestions for Gifts That Will Be Cherished:

Bottles of aged whiskey, fancy hampers and theatre tickets are wonderful and generous gifts, but they are temporary. The beauty of a gift intended to last is that they will not only transform a space, but they will serve as a positive reminder of your relationship. This is why, carefully, selected, the following gift ideas are ideal…

Sculptures. Of course, we are a big fan of sculptures here, and they really do serve as an amazing corporate gift. Not only are they great to look at, but they bring a calming presence into the room; a positive energy. A really interesting piece will also serve as a talking point for all those in its vicinity, giving the recipient a constant positive reminder of you and your business.

Wall art. Like sculpture, Pangea’s animal mosaics wall art will offer an interesting focal point to a room. It is also a brilliant way to invite a slice of the world inside and can be tailored to the interests and passions of the person for whom you are buying it.

Furnishing. Furniture is something we use every day, and so, if you gift a wonderful piece of furniture you are offering something not just beautiful, but also functional. An office can really benefit from a pop of colour from a bold and well-crafted armchair or table in the corner!

For more gifting ideas, or to peruse our ever-evolving sculpture range, check out the rest of our range. If you have a business that is looking to help promote your brand or location a look at what some of our customers are doing to have fun and showcase their businesses.

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