Mark a Career Milestone for Your Colleague with The Perfect Business Gift

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Mark a Career Milestone for Your Colleague with The Perfect Business Gift

Business gifts and gifting colleaguesSupport and congratulations are very important things to offer your employees and colleagues. However, if one of your colleagues has just passed a really important career milestone; a big promotion, an important deal made, a business relationship built or project completed, you might feel like just a congratulatory card won’t quite do the moment justice. What the milestone requires on these occasions is the perfect business gift.

Why Reward Employees and Colleagues with a business gift?

Shows Them They Are Valued. Showing an employee that they are valued and appreciated is hugely important. A meaningful gift is the perfect way to send this message as it is a physical representation of time you have spent thinking about what they might like. You have taken a moment to think of them, and about what they might enjoy.

Encourages Further Development. If you mark milestones with gifts and encouragements, then this will spur your employees and collages to continue to excel and develop.

Impacts Wellbeing and Job Satisfaction. The idea that happy workers make the best workers is absolutely true. Job satisfaction, personal and professional wellbeing are hugely important and under nurtured aspects of our lives, but they have an enormous impact on our ability to do our jobs well. Appreciate your colleagues and treat them with respect, and they will do the same for you and your workplace.

What to Get?

Homeware. The homeware market has seen a surge in recent years. This is great news for business gifts as there is now so much choice, and a huge range of unique and eye-catching options that fit any occasion, style and budget. From wall art to sculptures, the range of homeware available offers the opportunity to select an object that perfectly fits the occasion and the passions of the colleague in question. Read more about how to transform your home with artwork.

Wall Art. Art pieces are very special. Generally speaking, a carefully selected art piece had weight and significance because it is one of a kind. By selecting the perfect piece of art, that reflects the enormity of the career milestone it is commemorating, you are offering a unique gift that is as unique as the person and achievement itself.

Jewellery. This is not always appropriate, but if the milestone is particularly big, and your business relationship particularly close, then this might be the way to go. Of course, we are not just talking about necklaces and bracelets here, timepieces are also a very classy choice, and often convey the glamour and generosity of offering jewellery without making the offer too intimate.

Something Personal. This is not a specific gift, true, but more a note for any gift commemorating a career milestone. Make sure it is personal. This should not be mistaken for ‘intimate’. To make a gift personal, all it takes is for you to recognise something specific about that person; their likes, dislikes, personal style, workplace atmosphere and decoration, your shared experiences… and to respond to that in gift form. It might be as simple as framing a picture of you both in a meaningful moment, or as generous as a piece of furniture for their office that perfectly complements the room’s composition… whatever it is, ensure that it is not vague or non-specific. Personal connection is he most important thing when gifting in response to a career milestone.

For more gifting ideas, or to peruse our ever-evolving sculpture range, check out the rest of our site. check out how to choose the perfect corporate gift or how to promote your business with sculpture and art.

Photo by J-S Romeo on Unsplash

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