Bringing Handmade African Sculptures To Your Home

Make the most of small spaces with Pangea wall art.

ElephantHead WallArt

Make the most of small spaces with Pangea wall art.

In a world where city centre living is becoming more and more appealing, many of us are relocating to smaller properties and apartments in  built-up urban hubs.
Cramped but cosy one-bedroom flats with a lounge, kitchen and dining room all rolled into one can be difficult to decorate. Sticking to the walls when there’s a lack of floor space is a good place to start, but if you’re looking to add more than just a picture to your wall this summer, look to Pangea’s exclusive collection of wall art for something a little more inspiring.
Elephant wall art sculptureThe elephant head is our go-to wall bust with large flapping ears and a protruding trunk. Measuring around a metre in length, it’s a sizeable piece that adds striking depth and dynamics without infringing on precious living space. When positioned up on a wall, you can come face to face with the sheer amount of detail captured in this unique piece. The enlarged elephant’s eyes will watch over any room and it’s delicately sculptured eye-lashes are clearly visible from the carefully carved metal.
If you’re lucky enough to be living in an apartment in a converted, warehouse building, you might be blessed with industrial-style brick walls or characteristic wooden beams leftover from the previous property. Even when space is limited, a stag head sculpture manages to complement your  traditional interiors from the safety of a feature wall in your open-plan living area. The branch-like antlers work to enhance formerly blank spaces and are enough to steal the centre of attention in tiny city centre accommodation.
Crocodile head wall artIt’s easy to reflect your personal style in wall paintings and photo frames, so why not utilise a Pangea wall sculpture to highlight your personality? Crocodile busts boast mischievous and beady eyes on top of open-wide jaws that display an impressive set of teeth for the more ‘bold’ individual. Make a lasting statement in a petite property with quirky crocodile wall art that pimps up any room just as effectively as a sculpture on the ground!
Whatever the wall — we’ve got you covered! Transform your smaller sized living space quickly and easily by choosing one of our beautifully designed wall sculptures today. All of our animal busts can be secured to vertical surfaces of all kinds with simple fixing and installation.

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