The Grand Prix Ball: ‘Red’ the African Bull Elephant

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The Grand Prix Ball: ‘Red’ the African Bull Elephant

Pangea Sculptures are delighted to be attending the annual Grand Prix Ball in London. Some of our team will be heading down to Hurlingham Hall for the event this Wednesday, and we will definitely not be turning up empty handed. Coming with us is one of our life size elephant sculptures.

This Pangea sculpture is based on the proud and powerful African Bull Elephant. Growing up to 4 metres high and 600 kilos in weight, this colossal creature is the largest land mammal on earth. Unlike his female counterpart, who chooses to congregate in family herds with her young, this intelligent and solitary male beast prefers to live alone once he has reached adulthood.

His gargantuan structure forces him to sleep less and travel more, covering great distances every day in order to acquire enough food to supress his persistent hunger. Grazing amongst the African savanna, his grandeur and stature is obvious as he dominates the landscape surrounding him. We have named him ‘Red’, not only in keeping with the sponsors of the event (Red Bull), but because red is the colour of strength, power, courage and emotion. Elephants are one of the most expressive creatures on earth, and just like us, ‘Red’ gets angry sometimes. However, he is known to rip out entire trees solely using his trunk, so be sure to stay on his good side! Living alone as Bull elephants do, is a daring decision, but ‘Red’ enjoys a little company now and again and can be very compassionate and loving… when he wants to be.

Our beloved ‘Red’ will be auctioned off at the ball amongst a number of other magnificent prizes. All proceeds will be donated to the fantastic Wings for Life charity, a spinal cord research foundation. At 2.6m tall and weighing 125kg, ‘Red’ is a lot easier to move around than a real-life elephant and will fit in easily into his new home. We are proud to be participating in such a prestigious event and hope to raise thousands of pounds to support funding for cutting-edge international research into spinal cord injury and thus contribute to helping millions of people all over the world.

In the last couple of days leading up to the event, ‘Red’ has received a lot of special attention. He has had a good scrub and a fresh coat of lacquer to ensure he is looking his best for the extensive guest list. He will be travelling down on Wednesday morning and will arrive in the afternoon so that he has a chance to settle into his environment before the night’s proceedings. He is thrilled to be appearing at the event and to be a part of raising money for such a momentous charity… and so are we! Help us raise awareness by using the hashtag #RedBullElephant over the next few days and get talking about our elephant!

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