Thank You! Great Success at Purple Poppy Event 


Thank You! Great Success at Purple Poppy Event 

Horse Sculptures War HorseOn Wednesday 17th October, Pangea held a Purple Poppy Event at the showroom in Ormskirk to remember all of the horses, mules and donkeys that fought and died in the war alongside our soldiers. In their memory, Pangea pledged to raise money for a number of charities who take care of retired war horses now proving great companions to children and adults currently in hospices across the country.

Today we want to say thank you, as Pangea raised a massive total of £1,323.77 during the event. This is an absolutely amazing amount of money that will help our chosen charities in so many ways and we are so grateful to everybody who contributed. The evening was a tremendous success and as food and drink flowed amongst bubbling conversation, many of the crowd who attended purchased a sculpture of their choice, with a portion of the price donated by Pangea to our specially selected foundations. The Household Cavalry – dedicated to giving the best life to old war horses, and Mane Chance – a sanctuary giving comfort and joy in a unique animal therapy to those in need will both use this money to continue their exceptional work, bringing horse and human together.

We feel honoured that so many came and celebrated the work of the War Horse Memorial in support of our much-loved horses. Our horse sculptures stood proudly on display embellished with stunning horse blankets, covered in crocheted violet poppies. A big thank you to the group of ladies at St. John the Baptist Church for sharing these with us after painstakingly creating the intricate designs. There was also some poetry on display written from the horse’s perspective during the war to further highlight the bravery and defiance of these noble stallions. Further gratitude goes out to the Deputy Mayor of West Lancashire and Councillor Gaynar Owen who attended the event in support of such a worthy cause.

Although the event has now concluded, the Poppy Appeal is not over yet with horse sculptures set to make an appearance around the local area in the run up to Armistice Day. You can see our horse sculptures at Booths in Burscough from 23rd October to 12th November or in Tesco from the 6th November to 11th November where you can admire the strong legs, muscular torso, expressive eyes and flowing manes all crafted out of recycled metals.
Pangea want to thank each and every person who supported us in this close to home cause. The horse sculpture is one of our most beautiful statues, created by African artists in Nairobi by hand. If you’d like to remember the horse’s service to our country in a unique way, then contact one of our team and arrange to come a view one of these spectacular and dignified creatures in art form.
Alternatively, if you’d like to find out how you can donate to the Household Cavalry or Mane Chance, please just ask one of our staff or you can head to their websites which are linked above.
Thank you and keep on wearing your purple poppies proudly!

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