Unique Father’s Day Gifts to ‘Wow’ Your Dad

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Unique Father’s Day Gifts to ‘Wow’ Your Dad

Yes, it’s that time of year again… Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t found anything to buy your old man, then listen up!

Pangea Sculptures have an exclusive selection of sculptures suitable for dads everywhere, giving a unique Father’s Day gift can be so rewarding! Why not deviate from a pair of socks this year and treat your dad to something extra special and just a little bit wild!

Musical DadA band of metal frogs for the home or garden
Does your dad love to sing in the shower? We’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gift for you. Our large band of frogs comes with a lead singer who heads up a group of guitar, saxophone, maraca and bongo playing amphibians! This quirky quintet look great stood out on a garden patio and also looks fitting placed in a spacious living room. So, let the frogs do the singing from now on and get your dad a large band of frog sculptures today.

Gardening DadA metal heron sculpture for the garden or pond
For dads who spend more time out in the back yard than they do inside the house, they’ll love one of these spectacular sculptures to keep them company whilst doing the weeding. Heron sculptures are ideal for brightening up pond areas and are ideal for scaring off unwanted pests. Plus, thehigh-quality lacquer thoroughly coats its intricate feathers to ensure that your dad doesn’t have to take too much time maintaining it.

Mischievous DadMetal Gorilla sculptures in a garden
If your dad likes to play a trick or two on you or a member of the family, why not give him a taste of his own medicine with a surprise life-size gorilla sculpture? Imagine the look on your dad’s face when he opens the curtains to reveal a hairy, smiling primate stood on all fours in the driveway! Gorilla sculptures are charming and hilarious whilst possessing some of the finest details out of our entire sculpture range.

Strong DadA metal rhino sculpture in a garden
Catching your dad checking out his muscles in the mirror is never a dull sight, and we’ve got just the sculpture to remind him of his strength and power – whatever his age! Rhino sculptures come in two different sizes with baby versions available for positioning in dad’s favourite lounge or 6ft editions tailored for those looking to make a statement. With crafted horns and muscular legs, the rhino is an amazingly thoughtful gift for dads of all shapes and sizes.

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