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Garden design with sculptures

By on September 21st, 2017 in Uncategorised

Our sculptures are a great way to add interest to your outside space and can become integral to your planned scheme. Think about the layout of your garden and what sort of features it already has and see which of our sculptures would complement it. If you have a pond or water feature for example you might want to add in one of our graceful heron sculptures or a quirky pelican.
If you have a larger space this pond could become a watering hole for a hippo, elephant or buffalo, or perhaps a couple of giraffes. Our sculptures should not be placed in water, but they can be located next to the feature to make a pleasing scene straight out of a travelogue.
Pond Garden Sculpture featureBig cats make beautiful additions to any outside space whether they are placed at the front door guarding the property or creeping at the edge of a garden. Their lithe pose lends them to stalking along borders or standing beneath trees as if looking for a shady spot. Our sculptures are all based on real African animals and are extremely detailed so you might want to warn your neighbours if there is suddenly going to be a jaguar lurking at the bottom of your garden!

One of our newer additions is the zebra. This sculpture has a hand painted stripy coat and would be extremely striking against the greenery of a garden. It would also look great placed near a rockery or ornamental grasses mimicking the grasslands of its natural habitat. Zebra sculptures look very cute when they are with small elephant sculptures or the wildebeest sculpture and you could create a true safari feel in your garden by placing a group of different animals.
If the ‘big five’ are not quite your cup of tea we also have crocodile sculptures which look 

fantastic in a garden setting. They make great lawn ornaments and look equally at home on a 

Garden Lion Sculpture

patio, waiting for something to fall from the barbecue, or looking in through patio doors. The low level of these sculptures makes them easy to place and they come in a range of sizes so they could even go among pots in a balcony garden.