10ft Giraffe Sculpture – Expanding the Giraffe Family!


10ft Giraffe Sculpture – Expanding the Giraffe Family!

We have a vast collection of giraffe sculptures here at Pangea, ranging from our smallest ‘miniature’ version standing at just 1ft tall, to our ‘life-sized’ piece reaching 14ft high. Bridging the gap between these diverse sculptures are also the 2, 3 and 6ft sizes. However, after high demand, we have now introduced a new size to the collection with an approximate height of 10ft.
A lot of our customers have found that our life-sized giant is a little too imposing for smaller houses and gardens, whilst finding the size of its 6ft sister not quite big enough to make the desired impact. Thus, the 10ft giraffe sculpture was born!
All of the beloved features of the giraffe are portrayed beautifully throughout this sculpture. Its thin legs meet knobbly knees and lead upwards to reveal impressively built thighs and a muscular torso. The entire sculpture is made from individual pieces of recycled metal, meaning that with every square of welded material, a subtle pattern emerges and differentiates from piece to piece. The furry end of its tail is depicted by long strips of metal that are cleverly cut, bent and joined together in a way that creates the appearance of hair, whilst nails are used on the mane and inside the ears to give a similar illusion. The expression of the giraffe’s face is one of the most captivating that we have ever seen. Its enchanting eyes are embellished with thick and lavish eyelashes that curl up prettily. Meanwhile, its snout comes in a variety of poses, sometimes smirking or occasionally looking scrunched up as if munching on some leaves. Whatever the countenance, it never fails to amuse and capture the hearts of guests.
Despite being significantly shorter than our largest giraffe, its endless, elegant neck and cute and expressive face towers above you as you wander about its parameter. Because of this, it still possesses the life-like quality that many desire when purchasing a giraffe sculpture. This size sculpture is perfect for those who want to make a big statement in smaller spaces and is ideal for cramped city gardens or small-scale decking and patio areas. Its size is also manageable in terms of maintenance, making re-lacquering and general upkeep easy and simple.

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