Baby Lion Cub Sculpture


Baby Lion Cub Sculpture

The king of the jungle has extended his family recently at Pangea, and we are now excited to offer the lion cub sculpture as part of our full statue range!

Lion sculptures have been one the most popular in our collection because of their long, flowing manes, roaring jaws and defiant stance. However, a baby edition has arrived from Nairobi, Kenya, complete with flexible paws, an inquisitive snout and two variations for tails – all for £199. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a lion cub sculpture at home or in the garden for a low price.

Our team of artists located out in Africa crafted the sculpture with real-life inspiration. Surrounded by the bush packed with wildlife, they know better than anyone what a lion cub looks like and have perfectly crafted this accurate baby rendition. Although every lion cub sculpture may have tiny differences such as upright or curled tails, or big or smaller ears, it allows you to select your favourite and is a reminder of the level of bespoke detail involved in the making of this product.

Significantly smaller than the life-size lion sculpture, the lion cub statue’s lower height allows it to fit into most home environments. Although still representative of a real lion cub size, one would look fantastic as a hallway centrepiece or on display on a large cabinet. Lion cubs can be arranged sneaking out of the corner of a lounge or kitchen with their naturally prowling movement captured in metal form.

Lion cub sculpture faceIn the wild, cubs will group together in a pride with their mother. Why not organise two or three in a den with cubs coming out of every hiding place possible? Their low-lying heads makes these sculptures seem like they’re sniffing around for food before their next playtime, just like many of our children! Create a fun but stylish interior that is family friendly whilst showcasing bespoke African artwork in your home. Two lion cub sculptures will also look great guarding either side of a door into a room of your choice or perhaps even the entrance to your house or apartment in a front garden.

If you already have the life-size lion sculpture or are thinking about buying one, the lion cub sculpture serves as a welcomed accompaniment. You could position the two outside in the back garden, and maybe even incorporate another cub to surround the feet of the king of the pride. You can get really inventive with how you display them but they are bound to attract attention in your outdoor space from all angles due to the high levels of intricacy portrayed throughout their faces and bodies.

Please note that a lacquer is applied to all lion cub sculptures which is suitable for outdoor use, protecting the exterior metal material from the outdoor elements. Little maintenance is required but you can find out more about lacquering your lion statue on our website.

Lion Cub Tail DownMetal rings can be welded onto the feet with ease to secure the lion cub sculpture down to the ground. Whether it’s grass, soil, concrete or decking, there are plenty of ways to install the sculpture to ensure maximum security. This means that the world is really your oyster when it comes to arranging your new lion cub sculpture. You could have one near to an outdoor seating area on the patio listening in to all the fun or out on the lawn as if surveying the African savannah.

If you’d like to come and visit one of our lion cubs in the showroom, or would like some further images sending over, call 01695 227 140 today!

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