Create a Beautiful Home

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Create a Beautiful Home

If you think of an interior that showcases African influences it does not have to be all about animal print or lots of textures. There is a lot more that can be done in a room beside the standard look from a film set. Ethnic design schemes never date as the neutral colours work with the changeable light that we enjoy in the UK. Some of the most beautiful interiors are comprised from a limited palette of colours and accented with unusual finishing touches. Our sculptures can add the finishing touch to your interior design in lots of ways and work with a surprising number of schemes from the ethnic and rural right through to minimal and modernist.

An easy look to achieve with our sculptures is the feel of a gentleman’s club from a bygone era. Think leather armchairs, polished tables, plush furnishings in heavy fabrics and dark tones, beautiful mirrors or panelling on the walls and soft carpet or polished floors underfoot. Ideal sculptures to complement this look are the gorgeous giraffes, small elephants, wildebeest and big cats. For a twist on this look add in some fake fur throws and choose one of our stunning wall mounted elephant or stag heads instead of a mirror for a focal point above a fireplace. Keep the leather chairs and add a mirrored glass console or side table, beautiful wooden blinds or shutters and a decorative rug and then choose a small stag, giraffe or warthog for a quirky accent piece.

Our African animal sculptures are all handmade and each has its own expression and personality from the ferocious crocodiles to the wise owls and gorgeous zebras. If you are looking to create a clean and modern interior with minimal pattern and texture you could add a beautiful feature in one corner of a room with an elegant giraffe sculpture, or a heron with its long neck and delicate legs.
If you have a specific area in your home that needs a new look, speak to one of our team who will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect piece for the space that you have in mind.

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