Dreaming of a ‘Wild’ Christmas: Pangea’s Top Christmas Gift Ideas

Pangea Gift Box Elephant

Dreaming of a ‘Wild’ Christmas: Pangea’s Top Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s not long until Christmas and unless you’ve been organised this year, you’re probably still in need of some Christmas gift ideas for family and friends. We’ve got the solution to buying your loved ones something extra special and unique this festive season with a Pangea sculpture from our bespoke collection.

Reindeer Sculpture

If you want to fit in with the time of year, our stylish stag sculptures are an obvious choice this Christmas. The stag statue stands proudly with its robust antlers curved like tree branches. Much like a reindeer but with an authentic African twist, this sculpture can be easily decorated with Rudolph’s red nose and makes a thoughtful and elegant Christmas gift for dad, mum and anyone in-between! The stag comes in a small, medium and large size to suit the house or garden of its lucky recipient. A stag head sculpture is also available online or in our showroom for a wall mounted art collective piece.

Our sculptures are very personal, with customers taking to a particular sculpture because it’s either their favourite species or it has a particularly cute face or even a similar name. If we have a rhinoceros sculpture in our showroom called Bob that you think could suit your grandad down to a tee, why not buy him one for Christmas? The strong legs, defiant eyes and pointed horn or striking to observe and should be admired from any angle of the home. Baby rhinos make a cute and cheerful Christmas gift idea whilst the life-size rhino is the ultimate Christmas surprise. Imagine trying to wrap up this 5 foot high giant for one of your relatives!

Alternatively, if your mother in-law loves birds, there’s an array of types on offer in the Pangea sculpture range. From peaceful pelican statues to heroic herons and curious owls, there’s something for everyone in the bird family. Flamingos make for an especially exotic Christmas gift, looking fantastic when standing upright in a garden near a pond or decking area throughout the summer. You’ll definitely make a great impression when your in-laws unwrap a life-size flamingo on Christmas morning! Select the exact flamingo you like as we show you a distinctive group of sculptures available with slightly different facial expressions and features from the preened feathers down to the stalk-like legs.

Unusual mothers day gift

Another fun Christmas gift idea that you just can’t go wrong with is our frog band sculptures. Adding a bit of jazz to a living room, kitchen, hallway or patio, the small and large frog bands come with a guitar, bongo drum, saxophone and maracas playing frog member with a lead singer positioned in the middle. They bring joy and laughter especially at Christmas time where you can decorate the frog statues with Christmas hats and tinsel for the full Christmas party performance. The frogs make an excellent Christmas gift idea for nan and grandad when you just don’t know what to buy them this year.

We will do our best to get every sculpture delivered in time for Christmas but get your orders in soon so that you can be sure your loved ones are going to wake up to a ‘wild’ Christmas. Pangea also provide a Christmas gift wrapping service upon request at an additional charge to add that extra special personal element to your gift.

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