Home is where the Pangea Sculpture is

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Home is where the Pangea Sculpture is

A recent study reveals that people love their homes just as much as they love their pets, and if you’re anything like us at animal-crazy Pangea Sculptures, then that’s a lot of love!
With more of us eager to make a house a home and many Brits particularly spending most of their time at a ‘humble abode’, it’s important to find those personal touches that transform bricks and mortar into a place to live and love.
Trends also suggest that the population is willing to go further than ever to have what they consider to be the best home. With the average Brit spending £36,000 on redecorating households throughout life, splashing out on extravagant furnishings and opulent features to impress neighbours is a much more common practice in today’s world.
Whether you want to add that special touch to a room in your house to make your home your own, stand out from the crowd or maybe you just adore interior design – there’s a sculpture for anyone desiring to welcome something truly bespoke into their living space, whatever the budget.
Relax in exotic surroundings by pairing indoor plants with baby elephants, crocodiles or wildebeest for a small but simple enhancement to any living room or bedroom. With hand-crafted metal forming exquisite animal artwork, let creativity and inspiration be the focal point of a space in your home.
For something to wow others, position a life size giraffe in an open hallway and allow the towering neck to climb up the centre of a staircase to greet guests on upper floors. Add a sprig of bamboo in between its lips for the full effect. Grandeur will ooze not only from the size of this magnificent sculpture but its intricate detailing visible in every inch of its makeup.
Owl Sculpture on benchWise owl sculptures perched outside on a log, tree branch or bench suggest wisdom and knowledge – fitting attributes for teachers, philosophers and literature lovers. Pangea Sculptures takes personal style in the home one step further by enabling owners to capture their own personalities in animal sculpture form, rather than simply in a specific colour of paint.
People will instantly recognise you in your home if you feature an animal that you love or are reflected in in some distinctive way. Cheeky baboons, boisterous pelicans, humble zebras and fierce lions are just some examples of how people and wildlife can be united in a new wave of interior design.
So, if your home is your sanctuary, why not make it an animal one?! Contact the team at Pangea on 01695 227 140 today for a full price breakdown on all sculptures.

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