Metal Garden Sculptures


Metal Garden Sculptures

When you’re passionate about transforming your back yard, metal garden sculptures are a good place to start. Designed and hand-made in Nairobi, Africa, Pangea Sculptures’ collection of animal art is crafted using recycled metals cut, shaped and welded to create beautiful wildlife bodies.
The first thing you might think when buying metal garden sculptures is that they will surely go rusty over time, right? Wrong. We coat our sculptures by hand in the UK using a specially formulated lacquering product which you can purchase to top up your sculpture throughout its long and happy life. Rain or shine, these sculptures are easily maintained and always look stunning whatever the weather.
The great thing is that the natural colourings of the metal range from red maroons and deep browns to light greys, all perfect tones suited to any style of garden. Whether against a paved patio with colourful flowers or placed on a manicured, green lawn, the sculptures ‘pop’ and stand out amongst outdoor scenery as if blending in with their natural habitat in the wild.
Gorillas with small fragments of metal to produce thick hairs, buffalos with carefully attentive ears and frogs with instrument strings intricately designed.
Frog sculptures instruments
The versatile material of metal garden sculptures allows for far more detail than what you might find on a wooden or wicker outdoor sculpture.
CrocodilesCrocodile sculpture are amongst one of the most impressive in the range, with individual scales, fangs, claws and jagged tail edges all captured to life-like standard through the scrap metal pieces. Set next to a small pond or creeping out of the bushes, the crocodile sculpture comes in four sizes to fit any surrounding whilst always certain to turn some heads.
Another animal in the metal garden sculptures range to receive tons of attention is the owl sculpture.
Owl sculpture
The fact that every sculpture is bespoke, we are amused to find owls in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether plump and round or standing tall as if on duty, what every owl sculpture has in common is its ability to showcase bright, circular eyes, powerful talons, elegantly layered feathers and above all, a distinctive personality. These sculptures look gorgeous perched on a sturdy tree branch, garden bench or amongst barked areas.
You’ll fall in love with every sculpture but a select few will find their way into a special place in your heart. You might connect with the zebra sculpture’s humble expression or admire the defiance and dignity radiating from the horse sculpture’s stature. Alternatively, a miniature elephant’s eyes might just be too cute or a cobra’s too charming to leave behind.
Whatever aspect of the sculpture that draws you in, you can be assured that metal garden sculptures have never been so unique, versatile and robust. The same sculpture will look excellent on a family decking, amongst wooded areas, opposite a swimming pool or next to trees and shrubs. You can experiment all day long until you find the right position for you where your sculpture takes pride of place in your back garden.

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