Musical Frog Sculptures


Musical Frog Sculptures

In our vast range of sculptures, most of the animals are captured realistically and are posed naturally as you would expect to find them in the African bush. However, our artists decided to do something a little more adventurous when it came to the frog sculptures.

Each modelling a different musical instrument, there are a total of five frogs in our amphibian collection. You can rock out with the guitar playing frog, shake and shimmy to our frog with maracas, take centre stage with the lead singer, dance to the beat of our fellow playing the bongo drum, or appreciate the sophisticated sound of the saxophone extraordinaire. Whether performing alone or in a band, the frog sculptures are an exciting and entertaining addition to the Pangea collection and would make an even more amusing feature in your home or garden.
The frog sculptures come in two sizes; Small frogs are about 2ft high but are by no means lacking in detail or charm. The skilful welding creates large eyes and open mouths that give each frog a joyous expression whilst their webbed hands and feet are crafted by intricately cutting the sheets of metal. This sized sculpture looks fantastic indoors on a side table or stood beside a feature fireplace. Alternatively, place the full set of five outside around a fire pit or perched on a bench for a fantastically fun display.
The large frogs are approximately 4ft, a height that makes these friendly frogs feel like part of the family. A number of metal elements are incorporated into the sculpture with small bolts used to create the keys on the saxophone and nails to depict the dials and strings on the guitar. Each frog’s stance and facial features vary slightly which helps to bring these whimsical sculptures to life. Large frogs look effective stood alone in a hallway or on the landing, ready to entertain visitors. They also look show-stopping when arranged as a band on a decking that soon transforms into their stage.

Small or large, inside or out, these musical frog sculptures make for a charming and unique gift that is guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter into any home. Especially fitting for those who play musical instruments themselves, frog sculptures are versatile and look fabulous wherever they are located; a reminder of African music and culture at it’s very best.

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