Outdoor accessories that make the natural features in your garden ‘pop’ this summer 

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Outdoor accessories that make the natural features in your garden ‘pop’ this summer 

Garden SculptureOur front and back gardens are full of wild and wonderful natural features which are only enhanced by the addition of a Pangea sculpture. Get the most out of your unique outdoor space by incorporating a metal animal sculpture during these hot summer months.
For Plentiful Ponds
Pond Garden Sculpture featurePonds are a beautiful component in any garden and make appealing homes for a plethora of wildlife. Frogs, fish and birds are known to create habitats in these mini eco-systems just moments away from your back door, but why not take it one step further and add something a little bigger and a little wilder to your pond this summer? Pelicans are ideal for small ponds as they are captured in life size but still fit comfortably on the banks of a petite body of water. Their large beaks hover over the edge as if to gulp up the fish swimming below. Alternatively, transform larger ponds into African watering holes by introducing a crocodile lurking between the spikes of grass which guard the adjacent water.
For Towering Trees
Giant Giraffes in GardenIt may seem obvious but our life-size giraffes are the ultimate accessory for the tallest trees growing in your garden. If your old oak looks a little lonely or if your perfect palms appear to need a friend, the brilliantly crafted necks on our 14ft high giraffes climb up to reach leaves of the highest of canopies. Wake up every morning to their large eyes and attentive antlers munching on the nearby fauna outside your bedroom window. The good news, is that they look effective next to any tall tree you have available, no matter how exotic!
For Wild Wooded Areas
For those with wooded land looking to spruce up acres of boring bark, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure that when you go down to the woods, you sure will be surprised! Coiled cobras look authentic when placed on the ground amongst the trees and leaves. With a naturally brown looking metal exterior, the snake manages to stand out amidst the landscape whilst not being too intrusive of the natural environment. Think of it as being a clever camouflage! Also, large and medium stag sculptures make a friendly family of reindeer-esque creatures which look at home in a cosy, wooded setting.
For Small Shrubs
Eagle hunting Warthog Sculptures‘What about areas with a collection of lower-lying shrubs?’, I hear you say. You can embellish borders in the smallest of gardens with our smaller range of handmade sculptures. Baby rhinos are an extra-special edition for lovers of the African giant who can’t fit a 5ft high version in the bushes! Position the inquisitive baby rhino as appearing to emerge out of some colourful shrubs, or dot a group of them along the border for a more communal affair. Wildebeests are another elegant animal presented in a manageable size which suit being organised next to smaller outdoor plants. Their flowing manes and poised statures draw the eye to the natural surroundings in which they are arranged.
For Luscious Lawns
The grass is always greener when you’ve got a beautiful buffalo sculpture commanding full attention in the centre of your lawn. This strong and steady art form has shapely horns and an endearing expression to bring a warm welcome to any grassy front garden. For a feature that makes guests go ‘wow’, horse sculptures are similarly expressed with toned muscles and detailed faces. Available in both galloping and upright positions, these refined pieces look to be living harmoniously against vibrant carpets of grass and are capable of connecting grandeur and luxury with every back garden they meet .

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