Pangea Blog is Fourth Best on the Web!

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Pangea Blog is Fourth Best on the Web!

Blogging graphic award winnersBlogging is a huge part of what we do here at Pangea and we are delighted to announce that our blog has made it into the Top 10 UK Sculpture Blogs on the internet!

After recently unexpected communications with the founder of Feedspot, an online content reader which delivers tailored material to users, we were ecstatic to discover that the site had ranked the Pangea blog at number four for best sculpture blogs on the World Wide Web.

Feedspot sifted through various sculpture posts online to narrow down a Top 10 list for anyone wanting to read about sculpture art. After careful consideration and up against several impressive contenders, Feedspot exclusively selected Pangea Sculptures to feature within the top 5 rankings.
Award winning Sculpture blog from Feedspot
According to the company, our blog is valued as a source of education, inspiration and empowerment for readers which offers regular, informative and high-quality articles about sculpture art. Blogging about anything from elephant conservation to African communities and outstanding contributions Born Free are making in Kenya, we are proud that our work has been recognised by such a prestigious online corporation.

Various social and search criteria was taken into account when compiling the collection of premium sculpture blogging platforms, with prominence on Google and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter playing a key part in the decision-making. Additionally, the standard and consistency of posts was considered a significant factor.
The expert editorial team and review panel at the heart of the Feedspot brand Pangea’s blog a valuable contribution to the world of sculpture art form. However, we couldn’t do it without our fantastic customers.
We want to say a big thank you to anyone who follows our blog and shares our posts. You may not realise it, but you are helping Pangea to spread the word about an amazing product and company with unique international roots, where striving to raise awareness about current wildlife and community issues in Africa is at the heart of what we do.
You can check out Feedspot’s entire Top 10 list here for a comprehensive detailing of the internet’s best sculpture blogs:

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