The Cheetah Sculpture

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The Cheetah Sculpture

Along with lions the cheetah sculpture is part of our popular big cat range. In the African bush, the makeup of the cheetah community is unique in the sense that females tend to remain solitary and bring up their cubs whilst males prefer to socialise in groups. They are well-known for their miraculous speed and signature spotted coat. Although our sculptures’ metal exterior do not detail these little black dots, our Kenyan artists have done a brilliant job at capturing all of their other specialised features.

Its small and rounded head is streamlined and hosts two large eyes that seem thoughtful and affectionate. Pieces of thick wire are used to depict whiskers and the black tear staining that runs down the cheetah’s cheeks to give sun protection and aid in hunting. Its ears are beautifully shaped and standing to attention whilst its body is slender but strong. Flexible shoulders and a curved spine allow you to envisage this creature sneaking gracefully through the bush. Its muscular legs that help it run at speeds up to 100km/h are shaped realistically, as well as a wide tail for balance and agility.
Cheetah sculptures come both standing up and sitting down, giving you choice and versatility when contemplating a location. A standing cheetah is about 4ft high and 4ft wide and looks best when positioned against a wall or fence. Its head tends to turn slightly so that you will always be able to admire its wholesome expression from whatever angle. Sitting cheetahs are a little taller and their narrower shape suits corners of rooms or gardens. They also look perfect sat beside a table, sofa or other furniture.

The design of each cheetah sculpture is always slightly different, and as one of our more limited pieces, you can be sure that whichever you select is completely unique to you and your home. It’s a more adventurous statement for bold and daring folk who want to welcome something with an authentic look and feel of eastern Africa into their living space. Despite their predatory nature in the wild, you can’t help but fall in love with the innocent looks of these intelligent species that are reflected so brilliantly in these life-size works of art.

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