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The Pangea ‘Big Five’

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The Pangea ‘Big Five’

You might have heard the term ‘the big five’ in connection with Africa and wondered about what it means. It refers to the five animals that are on the must see list when visiting the country, particularly for people lucky enough to go on a safari. We have a slightly different big five at Pangea as we just had to include our fantastic giraffe sculptures! The Pangea big five are the elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and giraffe. Every one of these impressive sculptures has all of the detail of the animals themselves, right down to the eyelashes of the giraffe and the mane of the lion.
Elephant Sculpture - life sized
The life size elephant is the largest of all of our sculptures and definitely makes a statement. It is realistic and beautifully crafted in metal with a lacquered sheen that really brings out the detail and makes it possible to place the sculpture outside. Elephant sculptures are also available in smaller sizes which are really cute and playful and a bit easier to have indoors!
Rhino Sculpture in Garden
The weighty rhino has great character with its distinctive plated hide and long horn and would make a fantastic centrepiece in a garden. Ideal for a large atrium or conservatory, their detailed heads really catch the light and they look magnificent.

The beautiful giraffe sculptures are a delight to look at with thoughtful expressions and flirty eyelashes. They are available in a wide range of sizes and make a perfect gift for a table top at just 12 inches high, or a grand feature at the 14ft life size. Whichever one you choose they have the slender legs and knobbly knees that make them so popular along with their beautiful necks and endearing faces; full of personality.

The buffalo sculpture is another large piece and has the powerful build that you would expect. Their heads are very detailed with their distinctive horns and they look as though they would be formidable characters to meet in the wild. Great for a garden space or with hard landscaping to make them really stand out.
Garden Lion SculptureLast but certainly not least is the king of beasts, the lion. Our beautiful big cat is one that always draws attention in our showroom as the detail of the head and mane is truly stunning. The lion sculptures have lovely faces and stand proudly as if surveying their territory. Ideal for a hallway where space allows, where your family and visitors can feel the thrill of walking past this magnificent animal.

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