How to use lighting to accentuate your sculpture.

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How to use lighting to accentuate your sculpture.

There’s many different ways to bring your sculpture to life. Adding a plant nearby creates an interesting colour contrast, whilst simply placing your sculpture in an alcove or on a feature wall can be enough to deem it the centre of attention. However, why not try various types of lighting to highlight the beauty of your Pangea work of art?
Ceiling spotlights are a great way to show off a life size sculpture in a large and open space. Beams of light shining downwards onto your 8ft tall elephant or 6ft rhinoceros bring out the intricate detail captured in the recycled metal material. The natural colours mixing from brown and black plus grey and even burnt orange are enhanced by bright and vibrant lighting which helps to accentuate the grandeur and dominance of our larger pieces.
For something on the smaller side, something as simple as placing your miniature giraffe next to a stylish desk lamp can be enough to transform any office or study area. When sculptures are arranged with one side facing the centre of the light, it leaves room for contrast on the opposite surface which benefits from a shadow-like effect. Enjoy the tiny antlers and elegant neck carefully crafted at petite scale whilst underpinning the artistic element of our smallest sculpture with complementary lighting effects.
Another way of inducing a shadowy feel is to place a lit up screen or panel behind your sculpture. Usually generating a bright white kind of glow, these modern styles of lighting look amazing behind sculptures in our small to medium range, leaving a silhouette of the flowing edges boasted by the likes of warthogs and wildebeests.
Alternatively, you could use lighting from below to shine up at your chosen sculpture. Install lighting in the bottom of a modernised alcove space to give a large owl or baby crocodile all of the limelight. Or, why not give a band of frog sculptures centre stage by using this lighting technique? All eyes will be on them on an outdoor decking with garden lights used to highlight them from below.
There’s a million things you can do with artificial lighting to get the most from your Pangea sculpture, but good old fashioned natural lighting can also do the trick. Try placing sculptures near large windows and in rooms with a bright and airy feel to assure that the art forms can be admired in all their glory.

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