Using everyday furniture for sculpture display in your home.

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Using everyday furniture for sculpture display in your home.

One question frequently asked by visitors to our showroom is, ‘but where would I put it?!’. Our sculptures might be bespoke and a whole lot different to standard pieces of art in the home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for one inside your living space.

Coffee tables and small tables beside your sofa are common in nearly every household, usually resembling a safe place for your remote control and a clump of coasters. Transform your living room by positioning a small stag sculpture in the centre of these everyday surfaces. Add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to a lounge with the beautifully curved antlers, arched neck and muscular body of this stunning creature realised in metal sculpture form.
Desks are another common feature of homes all over the world and these dedicated zones for study and work can become the new home for a happily strutting warthog or wise owl sculpture. Instead of worrying about having fancy furnishings to suit one of our sculptures, we think that our range does all the talking and can add a sense of luxury to even the most basic of household furniture.
This is also the case for bedroom dressing cabinets and drawers. Introduce a wildebeest sculpture to your mirror and make up station or make the most of the space on top of clothing storage furniture by decorating them with any sculpture of your choice – although we wouldn’t advise trying to cram a life-size lion sculpture on top of your wardrobe!
Another way to display a Pangea piece is to use shelving already installed in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. Baby crocodile sculptures are less than 1ft tall to squeeze perfectly onto a number of adjacent shelves. Miniature giraffes are also very lightweight and petite editions that make-over what would be standard storage space in your home.
Wildebeest sculpture in home settingSimilarly, mantle pieces and large, bay windowsills can be enhanced with our smaller sculpture collection. Small frogs, baboons and other pieces with miniature surface areas can bring the natural features of older, Victorian homes to light. Have no fear if you’re living in a new build, as we have plenty of sculptures to fit the interior fixings of a modern house or apartment.

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