Winter Gardens 


Winter Gardens 

The only thing decorating a lot of gardens across the world this winter will be Christmas lights, but why not spruce up winter gardens with some festive sculptures suitable for placement outdoors all year round.

When it’s snowing at Christmas, it is the perfect time to invest in a Pangea metal animal sculpture. All the way from Africa, the exotic creatures modelled in sculpture form look amazing against the white snow and other beautiful landscapes. The heron sculpture looks especially chic positioned next to winter garden water features. Its long and elegant legs will guard frozen ponds and fountains whilst a Santa hat placed on the crest of its head will keep it safe and sound throughout cold weather conditions. Our finest lacquer is applied to all sculptures and protects them from the elements, so a fresh, new coat before winter sets in will serve your sculpture well.

Place a family of stags amongst Christmas tree sculptures in the front garden with a large, medium and small stag creating the ideal Santa sleigh. Much like reindeers, the stag sculptures have strong antlers, perfectly positioned hooves, muscular bodies and cute faces – all that is missing is the red nose! There’s also a stag head sculpture which can be easily fixed to fence panels or a large tree trunk in the back yard with a simple fixture. Drape with tinsel for the full festive effect!

Sculptures for the smaller garden include petite owls, warthogs and baby crocodiles which are only around 1ft long! All of these editions look marvellous on a decking or make for an unconventional Christmas nativity scene on the patio! Winter gardens anywhere in the world can benefit from the bespoke, artisan design entirely crafted by the hands of artists working in Nairobi, Kenya. From the sharp jaws of the crocodile mimicking spiky icicles to the pointed beak of the owl and attentive tail of the warthog, every feature is accounted for and looks stunning when on full display in a natural outdoor setting.

Our ‘big five’ are ideal sculptures for the larger garden and especially those winter gardens that want to maintain the ‘wow factor’ throughout the new year. Life-size hippopotamuses, lions, elephants, giraffes and rhinos are joined by other large sculptures such as buffalos, horses, chimpanzees and gorillas leaving you spoiled for choice. Chimps fair particularly well during the winter because of the robust metalwork between every piece of hair which is represented using tiny pieces of shaped metal. A scarf looks adorable around their necks to bring out the ever so human features, from endearing eyes to a cheeky smile.

Cheetah sculptures can be lit up head to toe in lights for a winter wonderland nighttime extravaganza and look beautiful when basking in the bright winter sun during the day. Arrange next to a bench or seating area, or beside a snowman at your front door for a wild welcome into your home. The thick tail balances the lithe stature of this sculpture and its expressive face will warm your heart during every next foreseeable winter season.

Whatever sculpture you choose, we are certain that Pangea Sculptures can transform winter gardens anywhere and everywhere by combining an element of fun with innovative art and sheer beauty. Get your winter garden sculpture today.

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