It's the little things in life; our Smaller Sculpture range

It's the little things in life; our Smaller Sculpture range

Here at Pangea, it’s hard not to boast about our life size sculptures. Amongst giraffes, elephants, horses, lions and buffalos, to name just a few, our larger sculpture range receives a lot of attention due to the ‘wow’ factor that they possess. The sheer size of these sculptures is impressive and they appear to be that little bit more real to the human eye. However, we must not ignore all of the gorgeous smaller works that we have to offer, nor should we forget about the slightly less prominent animals from our expansive collection. So if you’re not a fan of elephants, giraffes or crocodiles, continue reading to discover a couple of the more quirky sculptures available to purchase.

The Warthog Sculpture

Large Warthog Sculpture with Small Warthog
Coming in three small sizes spanning from approximately 1ft to 1ft 7″, the warthog sculpture brings fun and joy to your home or garden. With their funny little faces housing curved tusks and pointed whiskers, this animal has one of the greatest characters of all. Spiky hairs run down their spines, created by a unique technique where the artists weld metal nails onto the body of the sculpture. The sculptures capture the warthog in motion as its feet imitate a running stance, a cute and comical pose for a creature with an upright and rigid tail chasing it wherever it travels. The sizes of these sculptures are extremely manageable and just one of the small, medium or large versions could transform a dull corner of a living room or an empty space next to a plant pot in the garden. They also look even more endearing when paired up in different sizes.

The Wildebeest Sculpture

Wildebeest sculpture in home setting
Wildebeests are known for their elegance and poise, and despite the reduced size in our version, its structure and expression is still true to life. This sculpture is available in one size only, standing at around 1ft 4″, although there are variations in pose with some wildebeest looking straight on, and some turned to the side. The slight curve in their body means they fit perfectly into awkward corners. Some of the Wildebeest sculptures have lowered  heads as if grazing on the savanna grass; this is a very humble and beautiful pose which also makes it ideal for being placed underneath side tables, console tables or other surfaces.
The Baby Ostrich Sculpture
Baby Ostrich Sculpture Image
At around 2ft tall, the baby ostrich is a novel addition to our smaller sculpture range. It is blissfully cute with its perplexed expression encompassing large eyes and a childish smirk. Its wings are crafted from hundreds of tiny fragments of metal that are bent and twisted round to create small circular balls either side of the main body. You can just envisage this small creature darting around from left to right on its super skinny legs whilst its wings fluff about behind and its head sticks out in front. This sculpture is happy and fun, and something completely different to add to your home. The ostrich looks content standing in a porch waiting to greet visitors or with a group of brothers and sisters about to cause mischief on the decking in the garden.
If you’d like to find out more about our smaller range of sculptures, take a look through the rest of our online products including owls, baboons, frogs, stags and miniature elephants, crocodiles and giraffes.  Remember… good things come in small packages!

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